Reviews For American Photo Magazine

good value

i got this subscription for my husband, since he's starting to take photography classes and has been working with our new camera for a bit. he's read through every issue so far and has found inspiration in the photos.

Photographs and Photographers

I love this magazine because it is about photographs and the people who take them. You won't find yet another "Print Film Shootout!" article here. There are reviews, but not the kind or quantity you would find in the sister publication, Pop Photo. This magazine is geared towards the artistic side of photography so it may not be of interest to the average shooter.

Very useful, very good looking magazine.

While not as technical as the ubiquitous Popular Photography magazine, American Photo is a much glossier monthly with stunning pictures and great advice. For the price, it is worth adding to your list.

Average magazine.

A reasonably well balanced magazine. Better than Popular Photography in terms of content in that it showcases works of pros, talented amateurs and important historic photographic artists. Be reminded this magazine is published every ***other*** month (6 issues per year)

Quite often resorts to scantily clad women on the cover to get your attention.

Art Inspiring

American Photo showcases master photographers and their work. Yes, this sometimes means nudity, but in many place and for many thousands of years that has simply been a form of art. If you want to see great photos, on a beautiful glossy finish, pick up this magazine. If you want to know how the photographer snapped that shot this is not the magazine for you. Personally, I find this magazine as a source of inspiration. I page through, finding ideas along the way and the magazine is priced well for this purpose.