Reviews For American Heritage Magazine

America, Past and Present

American Heritage is a fine magazine brought to us by the same publishers who bring us Forbes Magazine. It is a magazine that examines history in all shapes and forms, examining past events and cultural changes that have shaped the American nation.

One thing about this magazine that you will notice right away is that it is not just a magazine about American political history or the type of history that you remember from your school days. It does talk about this type of history, but it also includes stories about music, art, and other topics, breaking them apart and explaining how and why things happened the way they did and how they compare to the present. It also points out facts from the past that are more obscure, making for some very stimulating reading.

Current events are also covered in this magazine, and in these instances, American Heritage discusses present- day phenomena from an intellectual and critical standpoint, often comparing it to similar events in the American past. This helps to keep the magazine current and more in- tune with important issues of the day.

History buffs will love this magazine, and so will those of an intellectual persuasion. The articles here are more thoughtful than other magazines and many of them require greater concentration. For these reasons, American Heritage is not really a casual reading type of publication. It is intended for those who like to read, think, discuss, and debate. It's one of my favorite magazines of its kind on the market today.