Reviews For Zoobooks Magazine

Wonderful Way For Young People To Learn About Animals!

My little sister (who's 12) has been reading Zoobooks since she was 8. She, unlike me, is not a big reader, but loves Zoobooks and looks forward to getting them in the mail each month. She's a big animal person, so these are perfect for her.

I've read some of her issues before and it seems the magazine has plenty of good things going for it. The pictures are clear and vivid, and portray real animals in naturalistic scenes. The articles are highly informative and a valuable tool for growing young minds. This magazine combines learning with fun, and is very entertaining for kids who love learning about animals and nature. They claim to cover every animal from A to Z, and so far they've been true to their word. She's had an issue on aardvarks, pandas, horses, and more.

After my sister reads her issue from cover to cover several times during the month, she'll either save it for later, or cut out the pictures and paste them into neat designs.

I think this magazine has excellent educational value for youngsters. It is high quality reading, and although the subscription is very expensive in relation to the size of each issue, it really is worth it! I believe that Zoobooks can only be subscribed to via a television ad, so that may make it harder to get them.

An excellent tool for teachers as well!


For Kids of Any Age!

We ordered this magazine as part of an ongoing push to get my child to read anything. Reading is so important for children, that we go the extra mile to make sure that in addition to the library, we have a selection of things for our children to pick up and flip through.
I don't think there are any magazines that I can compare Zoobooks to, since they concentrate on one animal per issue, instead of a variety of topics.
The Zoobooks feature all color photographs of the animal, I am looking at one all about Gorillas. The articles are very comprehensive, explaining about the animals habitat, height, weight, features, muscular system, skeleton, family structure, diet, etc. The magazine is extremely comprehensive. Talk about everything you ever wanted to know! We have used these as just fun reading material, research for reports, and sometimes just looked at the pictures.
I have a 10 year old that loves them. He likes animals, and enjoys reading about them, I don't think he has ever realized that he is learning, he just likes them. My four-year old likes to look at the pictures, and loves for her brother to tell he about the animals. It has been wonderful for them both. He reads, then explains what he has learned without thinking of it as a chore.
The information is very thorough, but in an easy-to-understand format that is easily understood. We liked the comparison between stages of physical development in gorillas and human babies in particular.


ZooBooks . . . Great Information

My son has been receiving zoobooks for about 4 years. His grandmother purchased them for him as a gift. These are one of the best informational magazines I have seen. Each issue is about a different zoo animal and each one offers great information on the animal. There is also an activity page in the issue with different games and puzzles to do to help the child learn even more.

My son is 10 years old now and he has used these magazines for many reports that he has needed at school. My youngest son is 6 and enjoys looking at them as well. I keep them in a magazine box so we have easy reference to them when we need them.

I work at our High School with Special Education students and I have also found a use for these when students are working on reports for science. The information is geared towards a young age, but the information is very good for even our students.


Fun Educational Nature Magazine

I love this magazine! My Son has been receiving it for two years. The pictures in the magazine are vivid, colorful and fun. They always catch the animals doing unusual things.The best thing about that is that your younger children,mine are 2 and 5)can participate in the discussions.Each picture puts a question in a child's mind. Like the bat issue.My son asked me why they bite animals,and why can't they eat other foods. Or do they hurt the other animals. Then after you finish explaining all of this ,then you show the other bats and talk about all the good things that bats do for the environment. At least when we finished that article my sons were not afraid of bats!
They also had articles on the boxing of kangaroos,the sleepiness of lions,and the playfulness of baby animals! I love this magazine! and would recommend it to all.


Yes, another second generation ZooBooks Family!

We first ran across a Zoobook magazine in the gift shop section at Smoky Mountains National Park. I bought one for my then six year old younger son. He became so involved in it, and so excited, that when we got home I immediately subscribed, and the subscription continued for quite a few years.

Now he is out of college and working full time...and still has ALL his Zoobooks in a case, sealed up, in my house. That says something, I think, with all the books and magazines my kids were given over the years.

I do NOT know how the current issues are, but am subscribing for my 6 yr old and 4 yr old grandsons, the sons of my elder son. The older boy is currently REALLY into dinosaurs, and I recall with my son's subscription, there were quite a few that covered dinosaurs, as well as current animals, birds and so on.

I know the price is high compared to many other children's magazines out there, but I think it is worth it IF they are what they were approximately 20 years ago! At that time they were head and shoulders in quality above every other childrens' magazine about nature, animals, and so on, or at least until the child is old enough to read the adult version of National Geographic magazine!

Very highly recommended!

Great for rearing intelligent children

America's youth do not get enough real life learning. they do there real intellectual learning at school, and do not really apply it out side of the walls of the class room. if we want to have intellectuals in the future, we need to help them to have the intrest in learning outside the class room.
Zoobooks is great for exciting children about learning. They will not realize that they are becoming educated while having fun. I like the idea of having children learn how to learn at an earlier age, and if more parents provided their children with something to read that is educational, yet fun, then we may have a good group of individuals in the future.
Buy Zoobooks and other educational fun material, because it is your future too.


Cheaper on Zoobooks site and w/ free gifts

A subscription is two dollars cheaper at the Zoobooks site. It also includes a free poster and stickers. Just so you know.