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Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is the magazine for health and conscious living. The publication, which was founded in 1975, focuses on the body-mind-spirit connection and its importance in personal development. Topics covered regularly include yoga, Eastern spirituality, Western mysticism, holistic medicine, body work, martial arts and meditation.
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  1. Yogic wisdom for everyday life.
    The other day I picked up a copy of Yoga Journal and spent the hour and a half bus trip reading uplifting and informative articles. Many years ago, I practiced Yoga on a regular basis, but somehow life got too busy and I only recently began to practice yoga and daily meditation again. This time, I was inspired to return to these healthful practices when I decided to attempt to quit smoking. I failed with that attempt, but am very glad to have Yoga back in my life.

    After reading this edition of Yoga journal, I will be getting a subscription. The magazine is full of useful articles, including Yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation techniques,...
  2. Complement the Modern Yoga Practice
    Yoga Journal is one of only three magazines I subscribe to. I have been dabbling in yoga on and off since elementary school, and have been working on making time for yoga every day.

    If your interest in yoga goes beyond what it can do for your physique, this is the magazine for you. Yoga Journal explores foods and herbs that complement a yoga practice. There's usually an article about the history of yoga or some aspect of Indian culture. Lately, they've also taken to exploring the use of yoga to deal with ailments such as arthritis, AIDS, and chronic fatigue syndrome, yet this doesn't come off as a "disease of the month" type of magazine.

  3. Great For Any Yogi. :)
    I might just be in my late teens, but that doesn't stop me from running to the mail when two magazines I love the most, Yoga Journal and New Age, have come in. My mother is a licensed massage therapist, which should explain why we get these magazines in the mail in the first place.

    Ok, so it's true that many of the articles are geared towards the seasoned yogi. Some of the postures shown would take me YEARS of yoga to accomplish.. but then again, I have yet to be able to put my foot behind my head. Much terminology used to go straight over my head, but after reading the magazine for two or three years now, I know the names and styles enough to...

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