Reviews For Yankee Magazine

A Treat on Every Page

Yankee magazine is a magazine that's over brimming with nostalgia.

Everything is New England quaint. I even like the advertisements of handmade jewelry and furniture.

The recipes are good. I really love the section that highlights a specific area or town and the most scenic routes. I like the pictures of houses and gardening and the regular columnist who identifies antiques.

I am feeling like a Maineiac ever since reading a description of a clock in someones' review.

You'll get a lot out of this magazine. Not one page goes to waste with me. I enjoy it from cover to cover.

New England Yankee

Yankee is always interesting and always has something of interest to an old back woods yankee. It is always interesting to hear and see what is going on in neighboring states. Sometimes however, the income level is not in my range since our income is not what they make in Mass or other parts on Southern New England. I enjoy stories about the history. Sometime you come across history and no one knows that it is or was there, like old towns and farm steads.

Entertaining and informative

Yankee magazine has a variety of articles. They are well written and entertaining. I even enjoy the ads in the magazine. Being a New Englander for 66 years I feel like this magazine is directed to me. Most glad I am subscribing.

a great magazine

I love New England and always enjoy the key stories in each issue; while I like looking at various ads, it does seem though, that more and more ads are in each issue...

New England Never Looked Better!

Yankee has been around as long as I can remember. It's pages are full of wonderful New England stories, travel guides and photos. They have changed their format from a small magazine to the larger size, which I personally don't like as well. (the smaller size easily fit in a purse or tote) Their "Swap" section is a great read. Looking for real estate? Many homes are featured along with vacation properties. There are fiction stories and festival reviews. Makes a great gift for New England lovers.