Reviews For Yachts International Magazine

A Great Magazine For The Yacht Lover

This magazine is the best on the subject when it comes to super yachts. Every other month you get a magazine that is at least 250 pages of full color. Great reviews with pictures, and etc make you feel like you're on the boat. Also has lots of news regarding yachts that are currently in construction and also articles about the yachting life. I highly recommend this magazine!

Too infrequent

It is important to note that this magazine only arrives once every two months. I knew this going into it, but bought it anyways because the price was so great. The only thing about yachts is that once you're done looking at all the pretty pictures, it's unlikely you'll want to review them again too many times over the course of 2 months before your next issue arrives.

Other than the frequency of issues, the quality of the magazine is good, with nice print quality and colorful pictures. A few articles and good coverage of new/developing yachts and mega-yachts.