Reviews For Worship Leader Magazine

The best mag for Worship

I have been getting Worship Leader mag since the second issue. It was so good, I wrote and got the first issue! I have all the issues. Every issue is packed with great stuff in all areas regarding worship in and out of the church, including the technical aspects of sound systems and instruments. I especially like the freedom they have given to make copies of articles without the problem of having to get permission. I have copied hundreds of articles out of my collection and have passed them on to leaders in various churches. The authors are so effective at communicating their message about this all important topic that it has changed the concepts of many who have read them. I started getting it at a really crucial time for me and has enhanced my growth and understanding of this thing we are privileged to partake in: worship of God Almighty.
I have not gotten any other mag on this subject as I feel Worship Leader says and does it all for me.