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Where To Retire

If you're nearing retirement and want to explore different options, Where to Retire will help you find the ideal place to spend the rest of your life. This magazine also will give you ideas on how to enjoy your new city when you get there.
Unfortunately this magazine is not presently available.
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  1. Looking for a place to retire?
    If you're not sure where you want to retire, this magazine is a good place to start your research. Not only does it offer articles and ads to help you with your search, it may open your eyes to places you hadn't considered. Articles also include information on retirement planning, relocation and other things to consider before making that leap.
  2. Somehow, this was not particularly good
    I was hoping for more in-depth articles than what I got here. The towns listed were mostly resort-types, and there was far less on living in regular places where one might retire and live on a fixed income. I think I expected more from "Where to Retire" than I got out of my subscription, so I didn't renew.
  3. Lacks Content and Depth
    I used the subscription for one year.

    None of the 'Retirement recommendations' had enough depth, pictures or information.

    The articles rarely told you where you could get additional information, and if they did, they usually only listed one source.

    The articles do not consistently tell you about the benefits/penalty of retiring in a particular area, as I hoped they would. In other words I wanted to see each article include information about taxes for retirees (do they tax Pensions ? social security? State taxes for those over 65 ? Property tax reductions ? Homestead exemptions ? ...)

    If you know what region...

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