Reviews For Watercolor Artist Magazine

Best of the watercolor quarterlies

The quarterly magazine "Watercolor Magic" features well-known artists such as George Gibson, Carolyn Lord, Stephen Quiller, and Janet Fish, who share their inspiration and techniques with the readers. There's always something in each issue for both beginning and advanced watercolorists. The magazine is packed with color photographs--even the advertisements are interesting. I only wish it were published more than four times a year.

One of my favorite features is the "Swipe File" where readers share tips and techniques, such as how to apply frisket with a feather, transforming plastic Christmas light separators into brush holders, and constructing a mini-sketch kit.

Here are examples of some of the features, taken from tenth anniversary February, 2003 issue:

"Ten Tales of Passage: Past and Future Perfect" - Ten artists talk about their careers: how they started, where they're going, how to connect with people who might enjoy their art. Paintings from each artist illustrate this article.

"Freedom of Choice: The Best Paintings of 2002" - artists honored by various watercolor societies, along with photos of the winning pictures

"Ten Tips for Mixing Media" - artist Stephen Quiller discusses the use of acrylics, casein, gouache, etc. in watercolor paintings.

"Painting Snow Scenes" - step-by-step instructions for painting a winter landscape.

"Watercolor Magic" also lists upcoming shows and museum exhibits across the United States.

Best Watercolor Magazine

I am a watercolor artist and instructor. My friend who is also a watercolorist gave me a subscription to this magazine for my birthday. It is full of useful information, hints, and inspiration. You will love every page of every issue.


I have to admit I look forward to this coming in the mail. I am a beginning watercolor artist and I greatly enjoy this magazine. With each issue you get to look into the styles of different artists. They don't just tell you about the artist, they show you tips and give ideas. A more advanced artist would probably get quite a bit more out of this magazine then me. There are even articles about how to sell, and how to market your art. I look forward to using the new techniques!

Refreshes and extends my creative juices.

I look forward to receiving this magazine as a personal pleasure. I thoroughly enjoy looking at the artwork and even the ads to see what's new. One of the things I appreciate the most is the variety of styles presented. Work from different geographic and creative areas are represented and it just feels good to sit back with a cup of coffee and turn pages full of color and techniques while I learn and recharge with new ideas.

Watercolor at it's finest!

I am a watercolor artist and enjoy keeping up with the best watercolor artists around by reading this beautiful magazine. It has many painting ideas and is an excellent resource to any watercolorist. I highly recommend it. It is fresh and keeps you on top of thing. Read it!

watercolor magazine

It is always fun to see other painters techniques. We can always learn somthing new to incorporate in future paintings.


I have given this as a Christmas present to my sister who requested it. I am sure she will love it.

Watercolor Artist magazine

I am sorry I ordered this magazine. It is so disappointing and a complete waste of money. If I knew how to unsubscribe I would. I would not recommend it to any serious painter- utter rubbish.