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Victorian Homes

The romance and appeal of Victorian style is captured in the pages of this magazine. Articles in Victorian Homes deal with home decorating, interior design, gardening, home entertaining, collectibles and restoration. In addition, helpful how-to features provide everything from simple tips to full kitchen and bathroom makeovers.

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Customer Reviews

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    Lover of Victoriana

    I LOVE Victoriana! And, I collect it whenever possible! I love the grace and style of the homes... and I think they shine their beauty, from the pages of this periodical, especially in the Holiday issue.

    Take a mental trip with me if you will, and let your mind wander as I describe the 'why' I love the way the stately Victorian Homes shown look in Winter.

    Imagine yourself walking down the street of a small New England village, in Vermont. Snow is on the ground, and the night air is crisp and cold; so cold in fact, that your breath steams when you breathe or talk. Makes you huddle into your coat, hmm?

    As you continue...

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    A Must for Lover's of Old Victorians!!!

    After purchasing a beautiful 1896 New England Victorian, I wanted to learn all I could about the homes and culture of the Victorian period. This magazine is so incredibly helpful. Packed with great photos and inspiring articles about other homeowners, I have read and reread the magazine. Even after scouring bookstores and other magazines, nothing touches the quality and scope of this publication. Not only have I been able to glean some insights into how-to's, I have learned tremendously from seeing the historically accurate interiors and exteriors. I feel as if I've been given a doorway to the past and it's made me feel even greater a bond with my new old...

    • Rating
    Valuable information

    Good reasource for information hounds. People who like to have a bound volume to have arcane facts at their finger tips and lots of photos to look at. We enjoy this one enourmously.

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