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Vegetarian Times

If you enjoy a delicious, nutritional diet and want to learn new ways to satisfy your food cravings, Vegetarian Times is the ultimate guide to maintaining your healthy lifestyle. With interesting articles and colorful photos, each issue offers new takes on classic recipes to fit your healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste. You'll find thorough articles on the latest health-related developments and food trends alike. Get advice on how to approach disease and illness with herbal and natural remedies. Read up on the latest news focusing on the government's approach to environmental and health-related issues. Vegetarian Times shares the latest information relevant to health-minded individuals, including well-written research articles. With reviews of the best products, food and equipment and tips on how to minimize costs, Vegetarian Times allows you to keep up with the lifestyle you want and deserve in a feasible, affordable way. Each issue offers guidance on diet, exercise and nutrition along with tips on how to prepare foods for maximum nutritional value.

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Customer Reviews

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    Healthy and Delicious!

    I've been a vegetarian for almost 5 years now. My decision was for a variety of reasons, particularly to do with health and animal rights. I fell in love with Vegetarian Times the very first time I read it.

    This magazine covers a large range of ideas. It showcases health and emotional issues beyond just what's for dinner. In the March 2002 issue, there was an article called "Healing Grief" about coping with losses. There was a small fitness section devoted to getting "Awesome Abs". The topics that they deal with apply to everyone's lives and are very diverse and helpful in their content.

    In the same issue, there was a section devoted...

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    Great magazne for vegetarians

    I have been subscribing to Vegetarian times for almost 6 years now and I absolutely love it. I will continue subscribing to this magazine for many more years to come due to the unique recipes and beautiful pictures they provide in each issue.
    Being vegetarian is at times difficult and this magazine provides a great library of recipes easy to replicate at home without being too complicated. There are always step by step instructions that are easy to read and always delicious.
    The magazine also provides more that recipes, it provides articles on certain ingredients and how to use them. There are always coupons throughout the magazine as well on organic...

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    A magazine filled to the brim with great recipes and easy directions, Vegetarian Times makes me feel like a high class cook. I've made many things from the pages of this magazine and unlike other failed recipes, the results actually look like those pictured in the pages! Not only does it have great things to cook, but they have amazing articles on health and foods that are beneficial to you. This is a great magazine not only for those with a meat free lifestyle, but those that just want to make delicious food!

    This magazine available most everywhere, and the recipes don't call for things that are difficult to find in any home. If you are an average...

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