Reviews For Urban Ink Magazine

A Real Find

If you're into bungalows or craftsman furnishing and decor, this magazine is a "must have". I was thrilled to discover it and read it cover to cover, both for the articles and for the ads, which show hard-to-find items for bungalows by small suppliers as well as big ones.

The articles cover restored old homes and new ones in the style -- how they are decorated and maintained -- and there are lots of examples of what people have done with their bungalows. There is a newsletter section at the back with pertinent events and information about preservation and bungalow neighborhoods across the country.

At first I was put off by the price, but as magazines go, American Bungalow is a real standout. In fact it looks more like a book than a magazine. The photography and design are first rate. I just wish it were more frequent than 4 times a year.

A gem for bungalow lovers

Not only does this magazine highlight the "before & after" photos of renovating these beautiful houses, they also offer project ideas, tips & techniques, sources for materials, and great historical data as well. We've solved many of the "remuddling" mysteries of our bungalow by relying on ABM. Of equal importance is their online forum--a group of bungalow-friendly individuals from around the country who trade ideas, advice and support. This is an active and knowledgeable community. If you fall in love with the magazine, you can get back issues through the website. It's beautifully done.

A beautiful and informative magazine

I first discovered American Bungalow magazine about a year ago and was instantly hooked! This magazine is full of helpful information for anyone who is interested in the era of the American Arts and Crafts movement (architecture, furniture, and decor). Although I do not own a bungalow house, I would love to someday. It doesn't matter whether your interest in these houses is scholarly or practical. As a woodworker who loves to build classic A&C furniture, I value the magazine for its ability to show me beautiful photographs of this timeless furniture in its natural context - a bungalow house! The ads are a great resource for all things Bungalow and Arts&Crafts, and the stories about famous bungalows and bungalow neighborhoods are very inspiring to the house lovers among us.

Treat yourself to this magazine - I highly recommend it!

A Jewel

This is the magazine that best reflects the original spirit of the Arts & Crafts, bungalow, craftsman and closely-related styles. It manages a nice blend of coverage of older houses, furniture, and decor while mixing in renovation, the occasional modern adaptation, preservation activities, research and historical articles, and so on. The magazine is expensive and only comes out quarterly, but production values are high, the content is wonderful, and even the ads rise to the level of serving as a sourcebook. This is one of the few magazines to which we subscribe that we keep.

Again, expensive compared to most magazines, particularly on a subscription basis, but jewels tend to be expensive!

A Treasure of a Magazine - They are Keepers!

American Bungalow is hands down a gorgeous piece of work. I love everything about this magazine. It is part of what I consider the "Holy Trio" of Arts & Crafts magazines. All of which are of brilliant quality, in honor of the quality of the Arts and Crafts (Craftsman) movement they cover. I couldn't possibly choose between any of the magazines so I get them all. What can I say, I love this stuff. It is absolutely beautiful.

Wonderful resource; beautiful homes

I love old houses, and own a craftsman bungalow, so I devour every page in this magazine, including the ads.

Every issue of American Bungalow is a keeper.

I have hoarded and reread all the magazines since starting my subscription in 2001. I love the clean, uncluttered lines of craftsmen era furniture, art, and even humble household items.