Reviews For Traditional Home Magazine

Perfect resource for traditional homes

This has been the perfect resource to meld my husbands and my tastes. I am a modernist and he love 18th century English. The difference in how we wanted to live almost broke us apart. Traditional Home offered enough modern living features to please me and enough classic old-world ones to satisfy my husband. It saved our marriage and has our new home looking right!

Favorite magazine

I am addicted to home/interior design magazines and this one is my favorite. Each issue of Traditional Home has more dogeared pages than any other magazine I read. It is full of ideas I love--some I can incorporate now, others to dream about for the future.

The Cream of The Crop

One of the best, if not the best, decorating magazines EVER. I love their book cover to cover. I call it a book because many back issues are kept with the reference books in my library. Their feature articles are one of kind with a variety of designs every month. The regular monthly departments are always full of fresh ideas for home as well as for your garden. One of my all-time favorites is the "What's New, What's Next" section...very cutting edge.

Upscale magazine

This is an excellent magazine. For example, it has info on upgrading to a fancy kitchen or bathroom in your house. It also gives you decorating ideas. There are also not too many ads in this magazine. This makes it even more of a pleasure to read.

Peace and Happiness,

Patrick Leonardi

Decorations, Entertainment, and More

Traditional Home is a nice little magazine about home living and the many ways to make a home look great, both inside and out. This magazine takes a slightly different approach to homes when compared to others of its genre. Instead of focusing on size and modern amenities, Traditional Home directs its attention toward classic style and elegance with an up- to- date twist.

Home decorating/improvement are the main subjects in Traditional Home and there are several departments and main features dedicated to adding a touch of classic style to your house. One article might talk about the addition of different comforters and pillows to your bedroom. Another could talk about adding antique clocks to your family room. Still another might focus on sprucing up the outside of your home by planting flowering bushes. These features and departments all have the same goal in mind: To take a plain, drab room or exterior and spice it up with some old- fashioned elegance.

Not all of the pages in Traditional Home are dedicated to the subject of decorating. The magazine does offer a few more subject areas to make it better rounded. It is common, for example, to find an article or two about home entertainment and this is especially true around the holiday season. There are also some articles that are related to travel; e.g., travel to visit a unique antique shop or partake in a home decorating event.

Traditional Home is a classy magazine and there are many things I like about this publication. One nice quality is that the suggestions for decorating are not comprised of items exclusively for the rich and famous, like many other, similar magazines. Yes, there are some more expensive ideas presented here but there are an equal number of less expensive ideas for both decorating and for entertaining. Another quality I like is the personal touch so common in most of the articles. Ordinary people share their personal stories about why they chose to remodel their bathroom the way they did; why they celebrate Christmas the way they do; or why they added a collection of antique art to their family room. These personal touches help make the magazine more then just a buyer's guide- they make it a magazine that is nice to read and relate to.

Overall, Traditional Home is a nice magazine about homes, decorating, and entertaining with plenty of colorful photos that offer great interior visual appeal. It is amazing what can be done to an ordinary room with some dedicated effort, and Traditional Home aims to guide readers in this direction; helping to turn a plain, boring home into a feast for the visual senses.

Great, well balance magazine

This magazine offers great design ideas for your home, some house plans, menu ideas and other information. I was surprised to see so many types of information in one magazine. Its a great find! The style is traditional but has a modern day twist.

A feast for the senses, beautiful home decorating ideas

Traditional Home features traditional and traditional design, but also shows traditional coupled with romantic, modern, victorian and neo-classical. The photography is exquiste.

It also has various information on home lighting, upholstery, outdoor furniture, gardening, rugs, dishes, vintage and antique textiles, travel, architecture and home electronics.

Traditional Home is printed on thick, glossy and sturdy paperstock. It will survive repeated referencing. If you love interior design of this kind you'll love Traditional Home.

The ideas are very pricey

First this magazine only comes 8 times a year. Being that it is so infrequent you would think the publisher would have a chance to write more articles. Instead this magazine is heavy on pictures light on articles. The items that show are really nice and you instantly want to rush out and buy them until you see the price tag (several thousand for a chair) it is definitly a high end magazine. You will need to easily earn 6 figures to buy the things you see in the magazine. However for ideas this is priceless my wife and I are always getting ideas for our house from Traditional Home. Be aware there are more adds than typical in Traditional Home.