Reviews For Town & Country Magazine

Simply elegant

Although the number of ads has increased dramatically over the past year or so, this magazine is simply tops for elegance and granduer. Just remember what the title stands for: you buy this if you own a home in the town AND in the country. If you want motivation for material gain, here it is.

Town & Country becomes most interesting magazine

For years I have subscribed to Vogue, Elle, Bazaar and W - sometimes for at least 30 years I have read and enjoyed the fashion,health,gossip, international news and beautiful photos (I am an artist). Town and Country has been moving up and ahead of all but W as far as I can see. It is sophisticated and not as dully gentrified as it once was.

A pleasant read

I've not seen the most recent issues, so perhaps there is more advertising than there used to be. However, I like T&C. It has a touch of class, and it is aimed at adults, not kids, adults who "have arrived," as the saying goes. Money is not the key to "arriving;" self assurance, knowledge, and capability are. This magazine gives me ideas. I can't buy the things in it, but I can try new combinations of what I do own, use old things in new ways and experiment. I get an idea of what is in fashion in case I need to look au courant for some occasion. T&C is a tool in the same way Vogue or another fashion magazine is. I believe that it isn't necesary to be wealthy in order to look like a million. I also have my own personal saying that I'm never really in fashion, but I always have style - - my own style.

Always interesting and a classic

This is one of the few magazines that provides genuinely interesting, varied and useful information to people who enjoy a "financially comfortable" lifestyle.

They cover a wide range of topics, and are known for photos from recent charity events, debutante balls, and notable weddings.

From designer fashions to collecting art to their regular lists of best charities, best doctors, and best places to visit, this is a reliable magazine. It eschews fads and focuses on getting true value from everyday life.

This is not a magazine for everyone, but it's greatly appreciated by its regular readers. I've read almost every issue since I was 14 years old, and... well, that's a long time. If I could read only one magazine each month, this would probably be it.

Entertaining get-away in a magazine

I enjoy reading a few features in this magazines. I also enjoy seeing the fashion. Mostly I just like to see how people live in other parts of the country.

The Best Jewelry Ads Anywhere

If you love to look at fine jewelry, T&C has the most beautiful jewelry ads and more of them than any other magazine. The editorial portion offers insights into the lives and mores of people with more money than brains.

A Profound Yawn

This magazine just dares people to pick the most boring, pretentious, or ostentatious feature within any given issue. "Town & Country" is an extremely old money venture, and while it does have some good and useful articles (and lovely advertisements for things that virtually nobody can afford,) much of the magazine is essentially centered on a very elitist worldview that grows very tiresome rather quickly.

"Town & Country" was initially recommended to me because of ostensibly good coverage of travel and architecture, two areas I have great interest in. As an applicable aside, when I read a list of tips in the offshoot "Town & Country Travel" publication on ways to ease the stress of long range flights, I realized there was a reality check due when one of the first tips was to always fly in first class, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of readers would rather buy a car with what a typical first class ticket to Europe or Asia costs.

As I mentioned, there are some good articles, and there are occasionally better and more useful offshoot publications like "Town & Country Travel" that are eminently more readable (although they still insist on advertising things like seven million dollar vacation homes on the coast, etc.) I will say that the photography is always good, and you can believe that if it appears here that it is the finest and most fashionable available: Hyacinth Bucket would, no doubt, like to be seen reading this magazine.

Despite having occasionally worthwhile features, I find "Town & Country" to be excessively pompous, therefore I recommend finding another publication focused on whatever area of interest you have, whether it is fashion, society, or travel.

Where are the articles???

AWFUL!!! This is just page after page after page of ads for grotesque jewelry - mostly gaudy watches and necklace sets - and clothing. There were two "articles" at the very end of the magazine, and they were awful. One, on Christmas in the English countryside, should have been beautiful. Instead, it contained just a few pics and very little text. What a disappointment.

Don't waste your money. First pick up a copy in the supermarket before you waste money on a subscription. Once you see how really ridiculous this magazine full of nothing but ads really is, you won't waste your money on a subscription.