Reviews For The Writer Magazine

An Excellent Resource For Writers

"The Writer" is the premier magazine for writers of all varieties. Kalmbach is known for publishing a great series of specialty periodicals, and this one is extremely well written and edited, as is appropriate for the subject matter.

The magazine is best for aspiring writers of fiction, with the clear majority of column inches. Poetry is also covered well, and nonfiction (my area of interest), while covered, is definitely in third place. In the end, though, most techniques for fiction also help nonfiction authors and vice-versa: I read every issue cover to cover regardless of area of concentration because I have gleaned some of the best tips from articles that superficially seemed not to pertain to my writing.

The magazine is very good at covering new developments in the publishing world, and features in-depth reporting on subjects like "Print on Demand" (POD) publishing. Many articles concentrate on in-depth technique implementation, while the utilitarian short pieces that cut through grammatical tedium and stylistic methodologies reinforce the basics.

If you are interested in writing as a professional or just for personal satisfaction, "The Writer" is the magazine for you.

The Best Magazine for Writers

I've been a freelance writer since 1996, and every month I look forward to reading the next issue of The Writer. It's a magazine that shows you how to write better, how to get published, and how to stay inspired. The interviews with top writers are great, and I love the reviews of books about writing. The hour or so I spend reading each issue is among the best time I ever spend. If you're a writer, you should subscribe immediately.

This Is The One To Buy

The Writer is the best of the four magazines on writing I have read over the past couple years. The quality of articles, the focus on the writing craft is superior to others that are available in the market. I look forward to each issue arriving in my mailbox.

The best writing mag

The Writer is one of my favorite mags, and I look forward to seeing it in my mailbox. It's packed with "how to" articles on fiction writing and poetry. There are also interviews, book reviews, and stuff on literary journals.

There are a lot of writing magazines out there, I've subscribed to all of them, but this one is the best. You won't be disappointed.

Also recommended: Writer's Digest, The Sun and The Gospel of Arnie

Writer's Tools

Great magazine for a writer's tool box. There is motivation, advice, and marketing listings for a variety of writers in each magazine. I have recommended this to fellow writers and shared articles with friends encouraging them to write down thier stories or expand thier talents to print for profit. This has been educational for my young son as I share articles of interest to this history buff and science fiction writing elementary school child.

The Writer's Toolbag

"If you put crap in, you'll pull crap out".

A writer's toolbag contains bits of information collected from various sources. While writing, he reaches into the toolbag to extract a tool. If during the collection process he gathered good and useful tools, he will have a resource that will propel his work. If he has collected crap, he'll pull out crap and his work will reflect that.

The Writer contains guidence useful to writers in any and all genres. The work of a writer who collects his tools from sources such as The Writer will be graceful with strong prose. It has a better chance of a favorable response than a writer who collects his tools from less reputable magazines and believe me, they're out there. Of course I won't name them here, but writers who know will recognize them.

Better than Writer's Digest? No. It has advantages of its own just like Writer's Digest does. The main advantage it that it is a monthly publication and not bi-monthly like WD. While WD may be targeted toward the more advanced writer, The Writer has beneficial articles for writers of any level including advanced. But readers of The Writer do not need an advanced degree to find it useful.

Bravo to The Writer. One of the most used tools in my toolbag.

Great writing resource

I've browsed all of the popular writing magazines, and ended up choosing The Writer to be my monthly subscription. The magazine itself is great -- lots of step by steps, motivational techniques (we all need those when we get writer's block!), strategies for publication, how to be organized, list of publishers looking for submissions, interviews with professional writers. A couple of my favorite articles in the last year included netbook versus notebook, best free computer software programs for writers. I like how The Writer really covers every aspect of life as a writer, and keeps up with the times. I checked out some of the computer programs recommended and found them integral to my creative process.

It's nice to browse every month to remind myself to keep going. Also, your subscription comes with free access to The Writer website and archives -- nice to browse through if you ever are looking for help on a specific topic. The main reason I like this magazine so much is, it's a very accessible read. Lots of writers manuals are tedious to go through, but this is a good one for those of us who are hobbyists or just starting to get serious. I'm sure even more advanced writers/professionals can glean a few new ideas and techniques from these pages!