Reviews For The Saturday Evening Post Magazine

Suitable for every age

I first read this magazine when I was a little girl; my grandmother kept some old issues in our Minnesota lake cabin and on rainy days, I would curl up on the sofa and pour over the articles. I still enjoy the recipes, the amusing articles and the comic pages. It's a treat to sit down and read it!


I am looking forward to my first issue to be delivered to my house. I have read several issues which I found in the Volumteer office. The articles were absolutely fantastic and interesting.

The cartoons were also excellent.

This Is a Joke, Right?

I was suprised to see that the Saturday Evening Post was still being printed. I happened to get a chance to examine a few of the "new" issues the other day. I guess they've gone through a format change from what I remember as the older magazines. It was almost like reading a satire of a badly made magazine. At first, I thought the magazines' only value could be the reprints of old artwork by Norman Rockwell and Liendecker. But the "new" material was so bad, it had to be done on purpose. I laughed out loud several times durring my review. I'd reccomend this magazine to anyone who enjoy the Sun, the Globe, the Weekly World News, or any print gurus who want to see how NOT to craft a magazine. It's a shame that they couldn't continue to make a respectable body of material for their readers. I'm sure Rockwell and Liendecker are rolling in their graves right about now.