Reviews For The Ring Magazine

The Bible

With all the turmoil that surrounds the fight game, The Ring has remained a constant since the 20's.

The joke that is the alphabet soup is being put in it's place by The Ring's champions. All these IBF, WBA, WBC. NABF....titles do not mean squat in the minds of true boxing fans. The Ring has a list of champions who can be really called that. Holding a belt for any of these alphabet organizations isn't necessary to be recognized aa a champ in the eyes of The Ring. A colored layout coupled with new features has the ring swinging still after 80 years!

The bible doesn't lie!

Always the best!

The Ring is by far the best boxing magazine out there. I have been reading it forever and it always informs and entertains. If you are a boxing fan there is no other magazine that comes close.

The one magazine boxing enthusiasts need to get

Bought this for my husband as a birthday gift. The cover photos alone make it worth the price. He reads it cover to cover and loves it!

Great Magazines for True Boxing Fan

The Ring magazine is a treasure of information. Most of the articles are well written and very detailed.

The Millenium Ring

The RING started out in the 1920's, edited by Nat Fleisher, who died in the 60's. Considered "The Bible of Boxing," RING has always been highly regarded, but after Fleisher's death, it has had ups and downs depending on who owned the rights to it at the time. Recently, the publishers of KO magazine have published the magazine, and it's quality has remained comparatively high in the mediocre boxing publication business. Starting in 2001, the RING went to a full color format, relatively unheard of for a boxing magazine and the content and photos are quite professional. As far as the Boxing business goes, the RING is probably the most informative and insightful publication on the boxing scene today.

Good, But Over-Priced

As a long time boxing fan I had very high hopes when I first subscribed to The Ring Magazine. First I will state that The Ring sets the standard for TRUE boxing rankings. It always has, and hopefully it always will. The problem is, many of the articles are repetitive. The best features are the letters, the back page, and the opinion sections. Jim Bagg continues to be a stable of self-promotion and entertaining reading. If you can find a subscription for a cheaper rate, then go for it. The Ring still delivers for the true fan...the casual fan is going to get lost in the REAL information behind the boxing industry.

"The Ring" Sub- Caption "Ali At 60" Issue:April 2002

1/18/01 I purchased the magazine "The Ring" yesterday at a convenience store mainly because of the 1 of 3 Sub-Caption "Ali At 60"..The Main Caption Was The Ring's New Championship Policy .With Other Captions next to the photo of "Undisputed HeavyWeight Champion,Lennox Lewis with the caption"Time For Tyson,The Final Step in Lewis'Legacy and subcaptions beneath the caption of Muhammad Ali, being 2. Barrera-Morales II Preview(their rematch is due 3/02/2002 and 3.The Butler Scandal(with articles by the Ring 's editor-in -chief,Nigel Collins and Managing Editor ,Eric Raskin regarding journeyman Richard Alien Grant's decision(on 11/23/01)at the Manhattan Roseland Ballroom, in a 10 round fight over "The Harlem Hammer'(James Butler) and the responses of Butler(with his right hand,which still had hand wraps on his fist)when Grant extended his right hand in a show of sportsmanship!