Reviews For The Artist's Magazine

a must for students and teachers of all levels

The Artist's Magazine is full of advice and ideas for anyone studying or teaching art; from its first monthly department, "Dialogue", which is a question and answer column from readers, to the final page "Master Class", which gives the history and analysis of a famous work, you will get articles that cover many techniques and media, as well as guidelines on the business side of art.

Taking the March 2003 issue as an example, the cover story is on the exquisite gouache paintings of Daniel K. Tennant. One of the four works pictured is broken down and shown in six stages, from the initial layout to the final delicate details.
Artist Joseph Frassetta explains his technique in "Reining it In", and tells us what materials and tools he uses to create his realistic portraiture and animal studies.
There is another article on landscape painting through the four seasons, and others on doing a self-portrait, mixing the use of colored pencils, and so much more. Some favorite monthly articles are "Art Clinic" and "Technical Q&A", which always have useful tips.

The back of the magazine has classified listings of art related opportunities, workshops, etc., and even the ads can be an informative resource.
The Artist's Magazine also sponsors a yearly competition, with many categories, including a student/beginner division.
The magazine has medium weight paper, good color reproduction, and teachers and students, especially of a traditional style of art, will find much to enjoy and learn in every issue.

Indispensable Source of Information and Inspiration

I've enjoyed this magazine for years and have the habit of keeping all issues because they never fail to possess something of proven value. It's top-notch for getting great ideas and quality advise on anything pertaining to art. Like any other magazine, it gives you a dose of advertising, but it's not incredible over done.

Subjects range from portrait/self-portrait to landscape, still life and abstract design. But it doesn't end there; this magazine details style diversities from all across the board. Offering examples for improving techniques in various mediums, but generally pencil, watercolor, pastel, oil and acrylic. And no matter what the area or medium you specialize in, you'll be able to pick up handy tips in every issue. Sections of interest regularly highlight a specific tool or technique idea. Inform readers on market issues and other important business concerns. As well as provide interesting articles on artists and a little news and awareness of art related events. Plus will occasionally dip into art history and perform art contests.

This magazine will energize your motivations with impressive art and will help you improve on your own with short & simple instructions. Truly is thee magazine to have, for an artist at any skill level. [review author: tilley_traveler]

The Best Artist's Magazine out there!

This is the best Artist's magazine being published. I have had subscriptions to them all at one time or another. I have been a subscriber for at least ten years now. It's the only magazine that I can actually use in a class on how to: My students learn from the articles,and so do I! K.J. Murray

Improve your artistic know how and stay up to the minute in all mediums

Whether you are serious about your art or just find it your passion to create....The Artist's Magazine spans all areas of medium from drawing to painting offering schedules for Exhibitions, Workshops and Competitions. You will find it all Artist's Toolbox of discovery into the world of business as well as the latest in supplies. I know this Aiken Artist is left anticipating the next issue before it ever arrives. If you want easy to understand and a great overview of the market and what is happening...this is a broad range Artist's Magazine you just can't be without...I love portrait, Drawing, Watercolor, Gouache, Oils and Ink...and this magazine always touches on my interest. Carolyn's by Design Aiken Art Guild Member


I have purchased these magazines before, and found them instructional, eye-apealing, and usually read them cover to cover. Step-by-step instructions, and plenty of color pictures. Each issue has something new. Definitely worth the money. I am a self-taught artist, and have found insightful ways of practicing through this mag. It covers a range of mediums and methods, and normally has a special section of artwork from various artists. A valuable tool for any artist:)

Solid and interesting artists publication

Whether you are a novice or a pro, this magazine is a must. It is not overly technical and it features a variety of media. I am a faithful reader and I frequently commend it to others. My only gripe is the inconsistency of writing. Some articles are little more than glorified captions for a few photographs of an artist's work. Other articles do an excellent job of explaining what the artist did to get the wonderful effect displayed in the photographs of the artwork. I'm more interested in technique than the artist's background and training. All in all, though, buy it you'll like it.

Not awesome, not awful

A fairly decent magazine. A little ad heavy. Not enough information about techniques. Artist profiles would be more useful and instructive if they included more about the artists' techniques and not just backgrounds/philosophies. Not bad for the beginner.

Not what I had hoped for.

I am just beginning to paint and was hoping to find a magazine with step by step instructions and patterns that I could use that would help me learn to paint a tree, flower, landscape and other subjects. This magazine is for Artists who really know their stuff and are looking for ways to sell their art and to read about other accomplished artists.