Reviews For Spin Off Magazine

THE magazine for Spinners of Fiber

Spin-Off is the MUST HAVE subscription for anyone spinning fiber (wool, silk, cotton, flax, etc.) on a spinning wheel or drop spindle. There are also articles on using the yarn once spun, such as knitting, embroidery and weaving, and how spinners can learn to spin particular fibers for particular uses. Featured articles have been about dyeing fiber and yarns for knitting socks, spinning dog wool, and how to restore or tune-up a spinning wheel. There are often contests on spinning particular fibers. Advertisements inside offer a huge variety of spinning wheels, drop-spindles, combing cards and other accessories, which are often handcrafted. There are notices about upcoming shows and displays of spun fiber-arts.

It is an EXCELLENT magazine for new spinner and veteran alike!

Your Handspinning Community

Spinning is an ancient craft. You read about it in all kinds of literature. You may recall Rumplestilkin. Many of the needle arts suggest you start with spinning. In the 60's one would carry it with them as they would knitting material. We would find many stores in crafty neighborhoods selling equipment and fibers at many stages.

Today for the general public it is relegated to a few TV programs or magazines. The skill is not lost, yet is not as visible as it once was.

For those still dedicated of having items that still take skill and craft we have this magazine. For dyed in the wool spinners a subscription is a must. For many others an occasional issue may have a particular pattern that they can use with had crafted or commercial fibers.

Don't be fooled by its glossy cover this magazine is technically ept and serves as a professional magazine. Even the ads alone are worth the price. We learn where to get materials for spinning dying and even ways to use our finished products.

Too bad it is just a quarterly.

Interweave press also produces some excellent books.

Great magazine

Spin Off has lots of articles, not just on spinning, but weaving and knitting too. Lots of good patterns and info. I don't spin but love yarn crafts so I like it and get something from each issue. One recent issue had a hat pattern that I intend to knit for using odds and ends of yarn - just like we all have left over from past projects!