Reviews For Soundings Magazine

The Best of Boating

Stinkpotters and Sailors agree that if it has to do with boating of any kind you'll find it in Soundings Magazine. From marine supplies to boating manufacturers, Soundings covers it all. No first time boater should go boat shopping without reading this magazine first. The editors are so interested in boating that they include new legislature, latest info on what's happening with Marine Safety and what can impact local waterways. Unlike other magazines which specialize in small boats, sailing, or trailer boats, Soundings has it all. The classified ads give the new boater an opportunity to see what used boats are available and the going rates. The advertisers offer just about everything that you need to be a safe boater. The columnists are readily available to answer questions or give advice. If you want to go to sailing school, or take a safe boating course, you'll find all the information right between the pages. It's the best bang for your buck on the newsstands today.