Reviews For Soft Dolls & Animals! Magazine

A great magazine for dollmakers!

I have recently become an avid dollmaker and finding patterns anywhere but the Internet is not that easy. I was pleased when I found out about Soft Dolls and Animals magazine.

To be honest, there are not that many cloth doll making magazines out there right now. The collector magazines rarely have patterns and the main stream craft magazines might have a doll pattern in it on rare occasions. Soft Dolls and Animals covers the pattern department and does it very nicely.

The patterns in the magazine are by the top designers the the cloth dollmaking world, but they still have room for up and comings. The patterns are clearly printed in a removable center insert and the instructions are precise and easy to follow.

The articles in the magazine range from how to's, and the latest shows with photo's to articles about the designers themselves.

This is the magazine to have if your a cloth dollmaker or cloth animal maker. Try one issue and you'll be hooked like I am!