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Showboats International Magazine: Yachts, Yachts, YACHTS!

One of the magazines that my husband enjoys each month is Show Boats International. It's an interesting magazine for anyone that loves boats, into boating or just dreams of one day having a large boat or yacht. I love picking this magazine up and browsing through it each month. It has interesting articles, travel destinations, boat shows, and of course lots of new boats featuring the design.

Show Boats International & My Thoughts

This magazine features larger boats such as yachts and cabin cruisers. It is actually geared for the multi-millionaire that can afford such boats, but there are lots of interesting topics inside for any boat lover.

Each issue features new boats and their design. You will find the construction is discussed, the engine(s), the interior showcased and special features. Some of the articles are first hand stories from the owner of the boat and these articles give first hand information on sailing that model of boat. A lot of the articles have the floor plans included in the articles and others just have pictures of the cabin and all the furnishings.

Expect to find a lot of pictures of boats in this magazine, after all, that is what the magazine is all about. There are lots of pictures to go with all the feature articles but you also have lots of pictures with the advertisements in the magazine also. And these are mainly for boats!

My favorite part of this magazine are the travel features articles. They are all destinations that can be reached by water. Many of these are along the coastline of the United States, the Caribbean, European cities, etc. The article will feature sites to see in the city, restaurants, and any special events.

Another regular feature of Showboats International Magazine showcases boat shows all over the United States. This is for people interested in buying a new boat and gives all the information on attending these shows in advance, giving the reader plenty of time to make travel plans.


This is a fun magazine to browse through each month. It has some beautiful yachts in it of all sizes. It's fun to see the floor plans and dream of owning one of these huge boats one day. I love all the travel articles. They are interesting and gives the reader a good perspective of the featured destinations. I give Show Boats International Magazine 5 Stars!

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