Reviews For Scrapbooks, Etc. Magazine

Best General Scrapbooking Magazine

If you can only subscribe to one scrapbooking magazine, this is it. It routinely covers every aspect of scrapping from unexpected tips, neat tricks, unbiased product comparsions, beautiful layouts (multi-picture ones too!) and candid snapshots of the scrapbook community itself. I just love it!

This is my favorite scapbook magazine

This is my favorite magazine subscription. I get several different magazines, but this is still my favorite. It always has the newest products showcased inside and it has several different page layouts from one picture to many. I really like the articles and the customer feedback sections. This is a great deal for the money!

Love this maazine

After a while of making scrapbook pages, you sometimes have a mind block and need new idea. The how-to information is great. Love to look through it for new ideas and tools. I don't copy the entire pages, for instance I noticed that one illustrated page had cut along the pattern of the paper and made a cute border. Someone wanted to know what to do with left over letters that didn't spell a word. They made a cute bottom border with them overlapping each other.

Innovative ideas!

This magazine has "real" product reviews, you don't feel as if they are mere advertisements. Understandable how-to's. Many ideas packed into one magazine. The CD that comes with each issue has fonts, how to videos, trial software. This new magazine is all that a scrapbooker could wish for!

Pleasantly Pleased

I had fun reading the magazine. There is more substance than advertisement. That's what I judge by. It is hard to find a magazine that has a little substance they have so many ads.

great scrapbooking inspiration

one of my favorite scrapbooking mags. love the content. full of great ideas. loads of great scrapbooking artists too.

painless process

I have only gotten my first issue, but it arrived quicker than estimated and seemed to be filled with good ideas.