Reviews For Science News Magazine

Science News gives Scientific American a run for their money.

First of all, if one wants a subscription to this publication, this method may not be the best way...and that's all I'm going to write about that subject.

Science News is put out by the Society for Science & the Public. As far as the nature of Science News, it is a good quality way to keep up with updates in various fields, but it does not go into tremendous depth, and the articles are not written by scientists. Scientific American has articles written by scientists through more than half the magazine, each article can be 6-8 pages long, and may be more in depth than many would like, though I personally like reading articles written by the actual scientists.

For this reason, I would suggest that Science News is better for the layman that wants to just keep a light touch on various scientific fields, and perhaps even for the scientist that wants to keep just as light a touch on fields not their own. Though the short articles are not written by scientists, the writers get information from scientists and many science journals.

The publication is issued every two weeks now, rather than the former weekly rate it had for many years. With the print publication, one gets access to the publication online, can access it wherever there is internet access, and this includes years of past issues.

I have a hard time deciding which is better between Science News and Scientific American. If I did not have the preference for reading longer articles written frequently by scientists, I would probably choose this one instead.

Short and swet

I just read thsi magazine for the first time yesterday and I am going to subscribe today! I am not a scinetific person, but I am interested in science. I found this perfect. It contained lots of firaly showrt but concise stories about all types of sciences. I couldn't put it down, and I ended up talking with my kids about many of the things I read. If you want to keep up with developments in the science world, but don't have time to spend hours doing it, this is perfect.