Reviews For Science Illustrated Magazine

My new favorite mag

I have been a subscriber to Discover for years. I used to love it, but the lackluster articles and cookie-cutter format started to turn me off. The content never lived up to the cover.
When I found Science Illustrated, I found my new favorite magazine.
I just renewed by Science Illustrated subscription for another year after realizing how much use a single copy gets. I read it... sometimes scanning articles for safe-keeping. I love the photography (I'm a photographer myself). My wife reads it (she's no scientist). Then I bring it into the break room at work and it gets circulated around for at least a month afterwards.
With great illustrations and down-to-earth explainations of concepts and theories, this magazine is great for those interested in science, nature and technology as much as people who work in those fields.

Great for the Science Classroom

I love to read this magazine, often from cover to cover. I bring them into my science classroom for the students to read and use it as a source for short reports or make up work. Outstanding and easily understood.

Science Illustrated

Science Illustrated is an excellent magazine for science buffs. It explains science research and current technology in easy to understand language without watering down the science. The graphics are excellent as well.

A First Time Reader

Being a first time reader of this magazine I was somewhat skeptical, wondering whether I could really enjoy this periodical cover-to-cover. What followed was a delightful surprise. The articles were clearly written and informative without "technical babble". The magazine was also well illustrated and I believe that it could be enjoyed by almost anybody.

A Beautifully Illustrated Science Magazine

I currently subscribe to three science magazines: Scientific American, Discover, and now this magazine. Each magazine has its way of covering the world of science, and what I like about this magazine is the many great illustrations. Most articles are short and to the point being lavishly illustrated with large color pictures.

For example the latest issue I read has an article entitled "The Superorgansim" which is about the world of ants. This article has six full page color photos plus three smaller photos which really bring the subject matter to life.

Another two page article on the human body is richly illustrated with color diagrams, insets, charts, and statistical facts that make it a pleasure to read.

I like this magazine simply because it presents the information in a different way than the other magazines. Here I get to see the detailed photos and presentations that make the subject of science more enjoyable. Of course, I also love the other magazines as well. Each presents the subject matter differently, and that's why I subscribe to all three.

Great Magazine

Have subscribed to this magazine myself for the last two years. Nicely laid out with concise and interesting articles. Very simple explanations. Have ordered it now for our grandson who is in his early teens. Hoping he enjoys it and is able to learn about and appreciate science more.

Great science mag for the everyman

Wonderful publication. Lots of information and its presented in a way that captures ones attention. Gorgeous photos throughout. Not overly technical and fun to read.


A very enjoyable mag for the every day person. Great photos and well written articules that are easy to read. I love science and discover and american science are written like journals this much better

it's an ok magazine..

Science illustrated is ok. There isn't that much in it for a magazine that comes out once every two months. The pictures are great, but I suspect you could find them, or similar pictures and information on the web for free.