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Romantic Homes

Devotees of Victorian style will find plenty of ideas and inspiration in the pages of this magazine. Romantic Homes offers readers ways to create a warm and inviting environment through how-to and advice articles about decorating, remodeling, gardening, furnishings, collectibles, antiques and craft projects.

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Customer Reviews

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    romantic homes

    I absolutely love this magazine. I look forward to sitting and enjoying it every month. I only wish it would be a weekly magazine because I can't wait for the next edition. I use so many ideas from Romantic Homes. Keep those great ideas coming.

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    romantic homes magazine

    I have been reading this magazine and love it. Perfect for those of us who decorate in the shabby,cottage, romantic or new cottage style. There has recently been a change in editors or something like that and i see quite a difference in the magazine lately. Not too happy about it. It used to have great decorating ideas for the average person. Now their showing us castles etc. And pages of retailers with yarn shops,not to mention all the gardens. Pages wasted as far as i am concerned. A little was fine but pages and pages. I don't know if i will continue to buy, probably give it another month or 2 to see. Worth checking out to see if it is for you.

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    THE Best "Home" Magazine

    This magazine has more to offer (& far fewer ads) than any other "home" magazine. It's up-to-date & informative. Then there's all the beautiful pictures and...and...and... well, it's the best...period.

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