Reviews For Robb Report Magazine

Robb Reports KEEPS you in the KNOW

I lucked up discovering the Robb Report about three years ago. A great read on an airlines- I have had other passenger 'remove' it while I was out of my seat. Each issue since then has been a jewel and a treasure. The writers, photographers and editors create onoverwhelming sensory-overload for aspiring blue-bloods like myself. The vehicles, not limited to cars, vacation sites, and informative articles will keep you coming back month after month. Not to mention the Year-End Christmas Guide- a mammoth issue with gift and gadgets that will bring you to your knees. This issue alone is WORTH the subscription price. Dont miss out on another issue- grab one at the newstand or subscribe and you too will be hooked for life, hoping- praying for money to afford some of those great toys!

Who says Money can't buy you Happiness?

Bah---they're just shopping at the wrong stores.

More to the point, they probably never leafed through a copy of the Robb Report.

Back in my lowly days as a cold-calling, dialing-for-dollars stockbroker, the ratty looking guy occupying the desk to my right would always sneer when I would pick up the Robb Report on my mid-afternoon walk---"you're a dreamer, Garrett", he would rasp, cackling as I idled, morning coffee-a-steaming, over the glossy, gorgeous, impossibly perfect sleekness of a Bugatti million dollar supercar, or a Lamborghini Murcielago, or a cask of rare Amontillado, or some crafty, indolent, impossibly sexy and lethal day-spa tucked away in the mountain fastness of Colorado.

Yeah, I was a dreamer. Still am.

And? So? What's wrong with that? Self-help gurus jet around this green and pleasant land of hours and make gazillions touting visualization---seeing your goals so as to better attain them---so what's wrong with drooling over a glossy spread of the latest Rolls Royce Phantom and saying "yeah, granted, I'm slaving for 100 hours a week, but next February I'm gonna be riding around in that roadster, with a built-in-humidor"?

See my point?

The Robb Report, then, is my conduit to dreams: to those things within my immediate grasp, and to those creature comforts promised at the far end of an arduous campaign. Things I new of before, perhaps: things the dear old RR introduced unto me---like the whiskey maker Balvenie, and its sharp-as-Toledo-steel 10-year single malt whiskey, with its rich peaty flavor and whiff of Irish Sea insanity.

Dreams, indeed.

Let's burrow down the marrow, dear friends: let's get down into the viscera, the bone, the sinew of the matter. Capitalism is about, frankly, each being rewarded unto his own raw ambition, his crazy energy, his feisty talent. The Robb Report, then, serves as a kind of psychological lodestone: do this, Gentle Knight, and the world---of fine Sevruga caviar, of Crystal, of Rolex, of Bugatti and Maserati and Lamborghini and Rolls Royce and townhouses the size of small nation-states and, more to the point, full financial independence with Savile-Row tailoring and hella-great cigars---shall be yours.

Dare I say that Robb Report is gorgeously shot, lustrously framed, and succinctly written? A sort of porno for uber-capitalists?

I shall. Drink up, me hearties! Yaaaaaar!


Luxury Redefined

I have been an avid reader of Robb Report for well over 15 years, and I will continue to do so "til Death do us part". The affluent lifestyle is well represented in this publication, the proverbial "American Dream". From the reviews of the finest automobiles to the showcasing of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry the world has to offer, Robb Report has everything for the most discriminating shopper.
If you can truly appreciate the finer things in life that money CAN buy, Robb Report is THE magazine for you, bar none.

Wealth Report

This is a fantastic magazine for those who like to dream and see some of the pleasures of what it is like to have an abundance of options on what to buy,where to go, where to live etc. Yes, at the time of this writing the magazine subscription can easily cost in the 65 dollar territory. However, I am here to tell you that obtaining this magazine is very much worth it if you even remotely care about increasing your wealth in all areas of your life. Many times the Robb Report magazine contains a complementary issue regarding vacation homes, holiday travel etc. I have the exciting January 2011 issue in front of me (named The Travel Issue) and the February 2011 issue (features ferrari classics). Here is some of the fascinating things that the January 2011 Robb Report Travel Issue has in it:
Grand Openings of Some of the Luxurious Real Estate Properties such as the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico,One and Only the Palm in Dubai,Soho Beach House Miami, Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris
An informative article titled Four of a Kind (by Samantha Brooks) that features a high-quality selection of some of the vacation homes that are found in some of the most sought after resort communities.
This is some of the captivating information found in the February 2011 Robb Report Issue:
Information on some of the best available Ferraris in the market today
Grand Opening article feature on the Prince of Paris

There is much more information available than what I have just listed. Overall, this magazine is very inspirational and beautifully done with the wonderful pictures that are featured each month that cover the vacation spots, cars, vacation homes etc. I was lucky to have found out about this magazine through reading a book called Wildy Wealthy by Sandy Forster (in the book she helpfully mentions that The Robb Report magazine helps get you in a more prosperous state of mind). I have to agree with Sandy's endorsement of the Robb Report magazine in her book because it definitely continues to inspire me on what is possible. For me, just looking at the magazine helps to increase my awareness on why it is important to go after your personal dreams regardless of external circumstances around you. I feel that this magazine is so important and inspirational that any extra Robb Report magazines that I happen to accumulate either go towards my personal collage collection or my local thrift store so that others are also able to picture what is possible. I have been a subscriber to this captivating magazine since June 2010, and I intend to continue to retain my subscription for many more years to come. As mentioned earlier, I certainly recommend this magazine if you want to be inspired to accomplish any personal dreams you may have and/or you at least remotely care about increasing wealth in all areas of your life.

My favorite Magazine, I read from first to last page even fine print.

Well this magazine is awesome, is so fancy it even feels good in your hands the paper is thick and the images very beautiful and vivid and that is most of the magazine beautiful pictures and straight to the point no time wasted. It allows you to dream big, and if you can't buy the products it shows at least you can know all the details and maybe buy if you can afford the luxury products. It shows the best in the world thats it, and that's why I think it is the best magazine ever.

Rich People Love Their Toys

The Robb Report is an amusing yet very professional magazine aimed at those with too much money and too few things to buy. This publication features outrageously priced merchandise and let's you, the reader, gaze in awe at some of the ways in which the fabulously wealthy spend their excess cash.

I have been enjoying the Robb Report for about a year now and as I read each issue, I find myself alternating between various emotions. On one hand, the magazine offers a fascinating glimpse inside the buying world of the filthy rich. On the other hand, one has to wonder what would convince someone to spend huge sums of money on merchandise that, while certainly high in prestige, could still be obtained for much less money without sacrificing much quality. I realize the incredibly rich like their toys and need something on which to spend their cash, but some of these items go way over the top, to put it mildly. Items such as eight hundred dollar sunglasses or five thousand dollar watches are often highlighted in the pages of the Robb Report and while they certainly capture one's imagination, you have to question what would convince a person to spend so lavishly.

Even though the Robb Report is a fantasy read for most people, it still has much to offer and one thing I like about this magazine is the writing. Not only is it top- notch, but these individuals really know what they are talking about and they are able to keep the writing on a level that makes living the good life seem ordinary. In other words, this magazine doesn't read like a shock piece- it assumes that the reader is already well- acquainted with living a life of luxury and may not even be that impressed by a one- thousand dollar writing utensil or a fifteen thousand dollar set of golf clubs. Another great quality of the Robb Report is the photography. It is absolutely superb, with illustrations that are vivid, clear, and inspiring in a fantasy type of way.

Rich people like their toys, just like everyone else and the Robb Report fulfills their needs by presenting a quality magazine that is flawlessly written and exquisitely illustrated. It is a fantasy read for most people, but it performs its main mission quite nicely: Spotlighting extremely expensive merchandise for the highly affluent and offering a glimpse inside the lifestyle that many of the world's super rich enjoy every day.