Reviews For Reminisce Magazine

Even fun for the "younger" generation!

My mother subscribed to Reminisce when I was a teenager, still living at home. She had a subscription to almost every magazine imaginable, and I have yet to find one as interesting as this.

One boring day (as most of my teenage days were) I was looking around for something to pass the time. I wanted to read something good, but I was a little leary of this magazine. I thought it was for "old fogeys." I have never been more wrong in my life.

I picked Reminisce out of the pile, opened the cover, and slipped into a totally different world. Suddenly, there weren't televisions in every home--only radios. Fun was spending time outdoors, and being involved with family. Life was good and wholesome.

I learned about the way the world was long before I was ever born. My mother was born in 1935, and suddenly I was transported into her era. Stories about World War II captivated me, and long lost loves reunited melted my heart.

There were recipes that my mother said reminded her of when she was a little girl. Recipes I had heard of, but never tried, were brought to life, and I was able to taste the goodness my mother always told me about.

My personal favorite part about this magazine is the contest: Find Miss Hattie's Hat Pin! Hidden somewhere in each issue of the magazine, there is a picture of a hat pin. Whoever finds the hat pin and mails in the winning entry with the correct page number on it wins a prize. The hat pins are definitely hidden well, too! I spent many hours searching and searching for that hat pin! I made sure to find it every month, although I never mailed in an entry in the contest. It was satisfaction enough to know I had found it.

I definitely recommend the magazine Reminisce to everyone--young and old! Whether it serves as a reminder of your childhood, or an introduction to life as your parents or grandparents knew it--Reminisce is an excellent magazine. You will drift away to another world while you read!



by Beawriter

Beautiful and nostalgic best describe this magazine which comes with glossy pages and some of the best photograph I have seen in any magazine. Anyone who loves talking or thinking about the past will enjoy this magazine. I think mostly people in their mid forties on up will like this magazine. I imagine the older readers are the largest percentage of subscribers.

There is no outside advertising, just page after page of articles and photos to stir the memories. The essays are written by people who have lived through the times. There are full features, often with photos, and shorter features which are excerpts from contributions by subscribers. One of the most endearing feautures is by contributing editor Clancy Strock. He collects anecdotes from readers and uses them in a theme inspired two page feature.

Along with memories are collectibles and these remind me of home. The one on cookie jars made me think of the apple cookie jar my Aunt Kit kept on top of her refrigerator where little hands could not reach. It was always filled with the most delicious cookies but they were only served when hand were washed on both side, and we were sitting down at the kitchen table.

Movie memorabilia includes real-life memories from extras in those movies which were popular in the 1950 era. Back then we all read the book first then saw the movie.

Old newspaper stories are included such as the one on the Lindbergh kidnapping. The Fond Flashbacks page picks a particular year and recalls the people, places and events in words and photos. The restored black and white photos are now sepia with age yet reproduced clear and glossy.

If you love family stories and nostalgia, you will enjoy this magazine. It might bring back some pleasant memories, or call up a tear or two. I highly recommend this for anyone doing their own memoir. Reading about other people will help spark your memory, besides, it is really fun turning back in time through the pages of this magazine. The photos will please the grandkids and maybe spur them to ask questions about the old days. That is living history.


Learning About Grandma

There is a wonderful magazine out there that helps teach children, and young adults about life gone by. It's a magazine that is written with the past in mind. This magazine covers life before television, before computers, and before most of us where born. It is about a time when the radio was king, and swing dancing was the rage. Reminisce magazine, and it's sister, Reminisce Extra, are both excellent magazines. They are the perfect complement to your coffee table. And since the material in them is now timeless, old copies of this publication are still valid.
My family and I have found that this magazine does an excellent job of giving us small snapshots of life in the early 1900's. It has provided us with many hours of entertainment, and has allowed us to understand our parents, and the children's grandparents. As you look through the articles and pictures, you cannot help but imagine growing up in those simpler times. How wonderfully close families seem to have been then. Life just seemed to be at full bloom then.
We have spent many hours talking with my parents at the dinner table discussing things that we have seen in the magazine, and they lived through. Not only is this a great publication to have in your own home, it is also a wonderful idea to have in the school library. In every issue is a bonus! There are many ?secret' old family recipes inside that are mouth watering, just like Grandma used to make.
Find yourself a copy, sit back with a nice hot cup of coffee, and page through this magazine. You'll soon be hooked. Read one special article, and then give your Grandmother a call. Time spent with our history is time well spent. Time spent with the family is something that we will never regret.


Ah...Nostalgia! Just Relax and Enjoy It.

Do you like to remember "the good old days"? If so, then REMINISCE is the magazine for you. This magazine, presented by Reiman Publishers first appeared in Jan. 1991. It is a bi-monthly magazine with six issues per year.

It features many fascinating articles about how things used to be with
lovely photos that visually take you back to a time when things were not so hectic and fast paced.

In some instances, photos have been sent out to selected readers in advance of publication with an invitation for them to share the memories the pictures may have invoked. Readers are also invited to share photos and manuscripts of their own.

In the older issue that I just glanced through to refresh my memory, there is an article on the origins of Coca Cola. There is also a section for genealogy queries, a section on special reunions, one for pen pals and a section called "Travel With Us" offering group tours.

Of course, I must mention the mouth watering recipes that are offered in each issue. All ready to clip out and add to your collection.

In fact, I have so enjoyed reading this magazine again, I have decided to re-subscribe to it.

Last but not least, I want to mention that their is NO ADVERTISING in these magazines. Just cover to cover enjoyment!