Reviews For Quilting Arts Magazine

A unique and wonderful quilting magazine

I saw my first issue of Quilting Arts magazine at the International Quilt Festival in November 2001. My first impression was that the magazine had a wonderful "look": it is printed on high-quality paper, with beautful photography and a pleasing layout. I subscribed immediately, and picked up the first two issues at the quiltshow. Each new issues seems better than the previous one. A wide variety of fiber-artists are featured. Articles showcasing a particular technique are well-photographed, with easy to follow text. This should be must-have
for anyone interested fiber art.

Reaching the Artist in the Quilter

No other quilting magazine can match Quilting Arts Magazine. Though it is a quarterly production it is rich in materials and helpful in bring out the artist in the quilter. The issue on wearable art is fantastic, with ideas that beg to be tried out. It may seem to be for the established artist, but it certainly spoke to me, who has only made a few wall quilts and bed quilts. I had just finished my first attempt at a quilted garment when I saw this issue, and it completely dazzled me, AND said to me, "You are an artist, too!" I highly recommend the magazine to all who would expand their horizons in quilting and clothing ornamentatio

The joy of Quilting Arts Magazine by Indigo

This is one of the most inspirational (and beautiful) magazines I've ever purchased. The only sad part is that it's only published 4 times a year; but it's still worth every cent. I read each of mine from cover to cover more than once. Each month focuses on a new artist that works in fiber (quilting; embellished boxes; altered books; fabric painting; etc.). Quilting Arts Magazine is geared more toward the non-traditional quilter; which is so nice since there is a noticable lack of such material to be purchased. The traditional quilter might find the projects inspirational and challenging as well. Speaking of challenges...the magazine usually has some sort of contest in the works with prizes to be won. The magazine is also a great resource for products such as beads; specialty fibers; buttons; ribbon; fiber paint...the choices boggles the mind! I recommend Quilting Arts Magazine wholeheartedly!!!

Simply the Best!

This is the best quilting magazine I have ever picked up. It is beautifully done, it is unique and the articles are interesting. But the thing I like best about the magazine is that every issue has a project complete with instructions that are so clearly written that even someone like me who is something of a novice when it comes to embelished quilting is inspired to give them a try.

This magazine is very well done and my hat is off to the writers and editors.

New magazine on the quilting scene

Not the usual quilting magazine, Quilting Arts goes a step further. Embellishments with embroidery, beading, and various and different techniques. Definitely a resource for crazy quilters and wearable arts sewers. Well illustrated, beautifully put together with up-to-date articles by experienced sewers. Once a reader picks it up, it is hard to put down. I highly recommend it. Also check out their 2002 calendar. Great!

Quilting Arts Magazine

A very innovative and forward looking magazine. The articles are thorough, informative and stretch the creative juices of it readers. There are clear instructions for many different types of creative quilting. I would recommend this publication for the more adventurous and creative fiber arts quilter. I have never been dissapointed in a single issue.

Best Needle Art Magazine Around

For anyone who loves needle work Quilting Arts magazine is for you. If you love being creative as much as I do you will treasure each copy. Each issue is a work of art by itself, and the ideas I get from it for projects if fantastic! It's great for beginners as well as those of us who have been doing needle work for years. Finally there is an upscale needle work magazine that doesn't "spin" the ordinary. Thanks Quilting Arts!

Quilting Arts Magazine

Best magazine I've read in ages! Awesome pictures, instructions and articles.
Can't go wrong with this magazine.

An art quilt magazine and the non artist

I do not consider myself an art quilter but I am not traditional either. They give wonderful articles on basics such as placement, proportion, etc.
So for those of us who did not spend our school days in art classes, this is a good magazine to learn the fundamentals. I'm sure later, I will grow into this magazine and utilize and appreciate more of the articles. But for now it is the basic art skills that interest me. Over the years my skill has changed and my taste in magazine changes along with that skill.
I would recommend this magazine to landscape quilters for improving their quilts.