Reviews For Quilters World Magazine

Quick & Easy Quilting has now become Quilter's World

I liked Quick and Easy Quilting because I don't have much time and need "quick and easy" quilt ideas. Quilter's World arrived as the replacement to this magazine and it is much larger in size and has a more "upscale" feel to it (ala' Threads' magazine). Whereas the old magazine had a "working class" feel to it, this new magazine aspires to "middle class" or beyond. However, there still are quick and easy quilt ideas in the magazine, you just have to look a little farther for them. There are very good templates easy to rip out or photocopy. So the magazine is worth it for that. However, I must add that .. price is not the best. My card that came with the magazine offers ..for 1 year (6 issues)--offer expires 2-28-03.