Reviews For Quilter Magazine

Lots of quilts, and lots of ads

Of the five or six quilting magazines I've purchased over time, The Quilter is the only one I've chosen to subscribe to. I like the patterns, there are lots of options for a (mostly) beginning quilter and while, yes there are a lot of ads, I don't find them as intrusive as some of the other magazines.' I'm on year three of my subscription and intend at this point to keep it up.

The Quilter Magazine

This is the best quilt magazines in the market today.
I will always purchase this magazine. I love it.

Quilter Magazine

I finally got the magazine on June 22 and I am thouroughly enjoying it.
I have already found a pattern I want to make.

Great design ideas

This is a fabulous magazine! Every issue I enjoy the vast number of designs and techniques within each magazine. The directions are always clear, concise, and correct. Each issue always has a great variety of patterns. I gave this magazine only 4 stars (it probably deserves 4.5) because I enjoy reading about the individual quilters, how they came up with the designs, and how they chose the fabric. Qulter Magazine only gives each pattern a very brief, 1 or 2 sentence glimpse about the quilt. I think I would enjoy it more if the magazine gave more background information. It is a wonderful magazine nonetheless.