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Power & Motor Yacht

For the large powerboat owner comes Power & Motoryacht, the exclusive magazine for large powerboat owners, Power & Motoryacht focuses on power boats over 24 feet. Special features include sport fishing, mega yachts, gear and electronics, and articles and listings of the world's largest yachts. Great color photography of the latest designs and action shots of these boat in their full splendor make each issue a must-see for all powerboat owners.

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    Intelligent and gorgeous design that kills your yen for matchy-matchy

    Reading Marie Claire Maison over stolen afternoons at the Alliance Fran?aise library in Santo Domingo was my ideal oasis from the grind of the sticky hot city and my leaky rental apartment (with matching leaky budget). The designs consistently feature eclectic materials that make you look at objects around you with an artist's eye to composition, contrast, light and mood. It also stokes the flames of thrift shopping or dumpster diving to unearth beautiful and underappreciated objects to spotlight in your home. It was a wonderful way to improve my French vocabulary and to draw back the curtain on French homes and mindsets. You can't go back to matchy-matchy...

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