Reviews For Philadelphia Magazine

Philadelphia Magazine

This is your typical city magazine. It highlights all of the different activities, places to see and eat as well as provides reviews of different restaurants, clubs and places to shop. It has an article or two on political / city type current events that the locals may find of interest.

Philly magazine is a great read!

Living in the Philly suburbs, Philly mag is a great way to keep in touch with what's happening in the area. I enjoy the articles and the restaurant listings are great too.

great magazine

I also disagree with the first poster; while admittedly heavy on the "upscale" advertising, Philadelphia Magazine always has at least an article or two of interest, along with great tips on what to do in the region...I also find the special issues, such as "Best of Philly", "Top Docs", and "Top Schools" both entertaining and informative.

Phily mag.

The low, low price of the subscription enticed me to order. My first issue arrive and I found it enjoyable. Being a Philadelphia suburbanite, there are articles of interest and give me better insight into what the city has to offer if I dare to enter.

Philadelphia Magazine

I have always enjoyed Philly Mag as it keeps me in tune with regional issues, reviews or shows and eateries. It is well done, writers good and slant is defintely pro Delaware Valley


each issue has huge ad promotion for lawyers or doctors also gives dates of events that have passed useless information classifieds are always the same pretty boring!