Reviews For Parenting School Years Magazine

great ideas, easy recipes

Ordered this magazine through a school fundraiser. Very happy with it. My boys are in elementary school and I've found some really great ideas for recipes, crafts, and games. Great magazine for the money.

FINALLY a mag for moms w/older kids!

After my two kids grew out of babyhood, I was sad to find that regular Parenting wasn't that helpful or relevant to my life anymore. I'm SO glad that they decided to start a new school years publication! The articles are timely, inspired, and FUN to read. Whoever is running this thing has a great voice and sense of humor. Looking forward to future issues!

Love It!!!

I love this magazine!!! I got this magazine free with purchase when I was pregnant, and even though I lost the baby I still love to read the magazine to get great ideas for the future and I'm always passing on interesting articles to the ladies at work who have older children. I am keeping a little pile of them for future reading once everything becomes a little more relevant!

Love this magazine

I love this magazine as a mother of a 10,8, and 5 year old. It gives great info for different ages and good ideas too. Will continue to get it.

Finally! A "Real" parenting magazine.

Finally!!!!! A magazine that is fairly down to earth. It is not written by a bunch of experts who have no clue what a real day in the life of a parent is like. This magazine gives real advice by real parents. I have never liked parent magazines before because they seemed so far removed from reality (I'd like to see those so-called experts try their rediculous ideas during a tantrum, etc). The articles in this magazine are excellent and the content is extremely relevent to the school years child, including tweens. I also like that it is easy to read with short articles. As a busy mom whose brain is mush half the time, it's nice to read something before bed that can be done quickly and without intense concentration. If you are tired and looking for honest, real answers....even if it is NOT the politically correct answer, this magazine is for you.

A magzine for those of us who are past the newborn worries

As any mother knows, there are so many worries that can go along with those first few months and years. And, there's a plethora of magazines aimed at that segment.

Now there's one targeting those of us who know that just because a child can speak up, feed/bathe/dress themselves, and growth percentiles are no longer the critical measure - there ARE still worries and struggles! Balancing freedom/discipline, homework, technology, friendships, communication, etc. Are there ads and reviews of material 'stuff'? Yes - and I don't mind that! I like to read about what's out there for this age group (K - 6th or so?), as it helps me to make decisions about what we might be interested in and what we're not. If you grow all your own food, only eat whole foods, sew your own clothes, and never interact with the 'outside' material world - this may not be for you. Since I do buy foods (prepared even, gasp), buy clothes, gadgets, music, etc - this is fine by me.

I'll agree with another reviewer that it's not written at the level of, say, The Atlantic. But, I'm not looking to it to speak to the intellectual in me, but rather the mom of an elementary schooler, and it does that quite well in my opinion.

Who put this magazine out?

I am not impressed with Parenting School Years. While the title is catching, the magazine is a glamourous Target/Wal-Mart add. Another reviewers comments made me take a look at the magazine at a bookstore and after flipping through the magazine flipping through add after add and briefly reading parts of articles I must say that the title should be changed to Things We Want Parents To Buy For The School Year. Not impressed.

Not for Dads

Hmmm...maybe I was duped into thinking parenting includes fathers (I am a stepfather, so what would I know, eh?). This magazine WAS free -- I'm not complaining about price at all. But content? Nothing at all for fathers of any stripe. I am very disappointed in this magazine. It should be called "Women Parent" or something. I guess I'll have to get my fathering skills from Maxim.