Reviews For Pack-O-Fun Magazine

Lots of cool ideas!

My current job includes training educators in recycling, pollution prevention and litter prevention. Many of these educators are county or city employees and are always looking for ideas to either present to youth groups or share with youth group leaders. And they call me for ideas and suggestions. And the first place I look for ideas is my collection of Pack o Fun magazines.

This magazine has several "sections" that have craft ideas in each issue. One of the section is for scouts, one for religious groups (got some great ideas last summer for Bible School at my church), one for younger children and then the section that I use most often, reusing household items.

Some of the ideas I've found and used are making Halloween decorations from the water bottles that you see everywhere, making Valentine card collection centers from old margarine tubs, making spiders from tuna cans and making a lunch box from an old shoe box.

And I've started collecting the supplies needed to complete other craft ideas for when my daughter is a little older and we can start making things together.

A wonderful magazine for anyone who loves crafts or works with children.


Great for all seasons

I'm a Girl Scout leader and a mother of two very active girls, this is one magazine that never gets thrown away. It comes to my door 6 times a year packed with fun things for the kids to do.

The magazine usually contains craft projects to fit the upcoming seasons and holidays. There's usually some sort of recipe to do with kids, and lots of other great ideas.

My kids are usually the first to grab this magazine, they love the front section where they put in photos sent in by others who have used a project from the magazine. They love seeing how actual finished projects look compared to the way the magazine has made them. Some of the pictures they compare to projects they have made.

When I get the magazine after prying it out of my kids hands, I look through it for projects that are easy enough to do with a wide age range of girls, and things that won't cost a lot. This magazine never fails me here. A lot of their projects are made with recycled materials and common items you find around the house. There's usually at least one project geared towards scouting too.

Our girl scout troop made one project last year from a magazine that I had in my file for a couple of years, but it was this very cute Easter basket, made from an old coffee can. It took a little paint and some bits of fabric, but the girls had a blast making them, and all the parents thought they were adorable. Unlike some of the projects kids bring home, the projects in Pack O Fun are usually something useful and decorative.

In the back of the magazine are all the patterns you will need for all the projects in the magazine. Each project is outlined with step by step instructions, so that even the most uncrafty persons could make them. There's also a materials list that comes with each project, and sometimes if you don't have that exact item it will give you other suggestions of things to use.

The very back of the magazine tell you exactly what to expect out of your next issue, and we can never wait until it arrives.

So if your looking for things to do with your kids, that are both fun and creative I would consider giving this magazine a try.


Packed FULL

I have been receiving Pack-o-Fun magazine for a few months and have yet to run out of things to do and make. There are so many creative and fun ideas packed into each issue, that no child could ever claim to be bored.

In the February issue, there were several valentine crafts. My favorite was the "recycled valentine container." The containers were made from things you would normally toss in the trash, such as a cereal box, tuna can and a french fry holder. They show you how several different household items can be made into something sweet. The crafts are easy to assemble and cheap to make.

I have yet to find another magazine like this. I have bought many other magazines, including Family circle and Crafts 'n Things, looking for great ideas. Don't get me wrong, those magazines are terrific, but they just don't offer as much as Pack-o-Fun does. It has proven to be well worth its price in my house!


Fun crafts

I started getting this magazine when my son had a magazine sale at school. My oldest son loves to make crafts so I figure this would be a great magazine. I was right, I got my first issue and went crazy over all the neat stuff we could make. I made a list of the supplies we would need for our crafts and off to the store we went.

We have made birdhouses, Christmas ornaments, Car from box and snowman from coffee cans just to name a few. I worked at the school last year and took the magazine in and we did some of the crafts in class.

The crafts are rated by how easy, hard they are. Most are fairly easy. All supplies need are listed along with a picture so you can see what you are making.

This is a great craft magazine. I cant wait to get started making the Valentines crafts.


Great Craft Ideas

This magazine is geared more towards the scouting world. I subscribe to this magazine, because I am a girl scout leader for 3rd graders. I find that this magazine has many craft ideas using recycled materials and easy to do and less time consuming crafts that we could get done in an hour or so. I also use this magazine for my own use at home. I also have 2 preschoolers and there is always something in there that they can do as well. I have never had a craft gone bad that I got out of this magazine. They recommend an age group that the craft would work well in and I know right away if it's out of my girls crafting ability.
I would recommend this magazine to any scout leader or teacher. They have alot of quick and easy crafts to make very inexpensively.



As a school class parent, Cub Scout leader and religious education instructor, I have found Pack-o-fun magazine to be a valuable asset. Much easier and user friendly than Crayola kids. It enables the reader of many different classifications (boy or girl scouting, religion,classroom or fun at home on a rainy day) to buy just one magazine instead of investing in more than one. More often than not I am able to use materials that are routinely found in the house. If I needed to purchase materials they were fairly inexpensive. I'm not a big fan of reading about other peoples virtues. If it isn't going to benefit all I don't care to have the space wasted with the "look what so & so did."


Something for everyone in Pack o Fun!

I can't bring myself to throw any of these away! This magazine has something for everyone! I started getting this magazine a couple of years ago and just love the variety of crafts that it has. It also has an added bonus of a project in the middle of the magazine each month. The end of the magazine provides tips and ideas for crafts also. Bright bold pictures, precise directions, and always come just in time for the holidays. The kids love looking at them and picking out the next project that we shall do. But, this magazine isn't just for kids. It is has wonderful projects for parties also. Just make it a craft party!


Leaders Idea Guide

Youth Leaders this is your idea book! Don't ever throw away an issue this magazine is a Classic. My "collection" dates back to 1984 but there was Pack o Fun even before then.

I just love the format, photos and instructions. They made planning themes for daycare a breeze. Sunday School Teachers have they got ideas for you. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, your troop will be envied at your next banquet if you whip up some of these scout related crafts.

This magazine has thought of everyone. Babysitters(teenage ones) can take along an idea to keep their charges busy on a Saturday Night. Family projects are featured to.

Many projects are made from recycled household items and are sent in to the magazine by readers. I think it would be really something to see your own craft idea featured in Pack O Fun.

Try one magazine at the news stand and you will be subscribing and saving this magazine just like I do!!

Pack O Fun is #1!!