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Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life is an outdoors magazine that has been a leading publication in its category ever since its launch back in 1898. Founded by J.A. McGuire in Denver, Colorado, the magazine's intention was to be a magazine for sportsmen, written by sportsman, and to touch on all topics of the outdoors lifestyle. Every full-color issue contains photographs of and information on fishing, boating, hunting, aviation, motor vehicles, and more. Outdoor Life provides the most up-to-date tips and techniques pertaining to all outdoor sports, and lists reviewed testing of the newest gear and equipment. Over its 100+ years of publication, Outdoor Life has been dedicated to keeping up with the changing times and advancing technology in order to ensure the delivery of a relevant and desired publication.
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  1. Upholding An Outdoors Legacy!
    When you talk about outdoors magazines, no conversation is complete without some mention of OUTDOOR LIFE. Call it the legacy of Jack O'Connor, whose columns still appear in OL decades after his death, or the contributions of modern legends like shooting editor Jim Carmichael and hunting editor Jim Zumbo, as well as the hot new blood, like Bill Winke, OL consistently delivers the goods.

    Features regularly include in-depth analysis of major controversial issues, rather than the recycled "Is The .270 Better Than The .30-06?" rag. Recent topics have included "Predators and Their Place," (if you don't think that is hot, come to SoCal...
  2. Find More Trophies With Outdoor Life
    I started reading Outdoor Life when my dad subscribed to it. That was about two years ago, and I haven't quit yet. This magazine has it all, great and informative articles, up to date news on things that might affect your hunting/fishing, great reviews on products that outdoorsmen might use, and the list goes on. The articles are written by professional hunters, which means you will be getting information straight from the facts. They put columns in the magazine every months that talk about different things happening in each region of the U.S. which can help notify you when the eating habits change or whatever. They also put in a good bit of humor...
  3. Perfect Magazine for the Sportsman
    Outdoor Life is certainly a magazine for the Serious hunter or fisherman. It combines tips and strategies from experts in the field and gives great recommendation for what types of guns are best for what game, what ammo works best, what types of fishing lures to use when, where and how, and MUCH MORE! The only criticisms that I have for Outdoor Life, as far as content goes, is that its seems to be a little, not much, but a little more intensive on hunting rather than fishing. If you are a fisherman and only interested in reading up on fishing, then you might want to consider a magazine that is completely geared toward angling. However if your are an all...

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