Reviews For Orange Coast Magazine

Good Magazine for beginners and old hams alike.

I enjoy reading CQ for the articles aimed at the beginners as well as more detailed articles appealing to a more seasoned operator. It gives ideas for kits to build, antenna projects and operating procedures for the many different methods todays HAM can "work the world". I look forward to each months copy.

Excellent Magazine

CQ magazine is an excellent and valuable source of information for Amatuer Radio operators, or those interested in the hobby. Each issue includes informative articles, product reviews and do-it-yourself project ideas.

OK, but only to a point

I'll pick up a copy of CQ every once in a while when there's an article of interest, but find it generally too limited. QST is a better general coverage amateur radio magazine - the problem being that unless you belong to the ARRL (and get it with your membership), it can be hard to find. On the other hand, you can JOIN the ARRL for about the same cost as subscribing to CQ anyway ... and get a better magazine. My advice is to pass CQ by and pick up the ARRL membership with QST magazine ( instead. CQ will be available on the supermarket or bookstore rack if there's a current issue you want.

Essential Ham Radio Magazine

I've been a subscriber to CQ for a few years now. It is definitely a top amateur radio magazine, with many different kinds of articles on numerous ham radio topics. Although in my opinion not quite as good as QST (which I highly recommend), CQ is nonetheless a good magazine for the amateur radio enthusiast.


I've been a ham for 13 years and read most of the ham magazines that are out there. CQ has got to one of my least favorite. Looks like the authors hastily threw the articles together, not to mention the writing is mediocre at best, plus how many pictures of people do we need to see standing in front of their equipment and/or antennas?

How about some in depth reviews of equipment or real life stories of how hams help in times of a disaster instead of pages and pages of DX contest results in 2 point type!

Never subscribed nor do I plan to.