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Odyssey is a physical and space science magazine written in language kids from 10-15 can understand and enjoy. Exciting articles, puzzles, contests, projects, and spectacular photographs make science come alive for young people.

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Customer Reviews

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    Just say Yes to Odyssey!

    This magazine is sooooo much better than some of the other commercial publications. The writing is solid, the subject matter is solid. It's amazing how well written it is. There are no ads! They don't plug anything. I was sick of getting worthless ad filled kids magazines like National Geographic Kids. Odyssey is a must subscribe for every kid who likes science. Actually, it's just a must subscribe. Encourage your libraries to subscribe. This must be had in every school library. It contains relevant and important information delivered with a high level of writing.

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    A winner!

    Odyssey Magazine-Adventures in Science is a great magazine for kids who are interested in science as well as those who might be with just a little nudge. Target audience range is for grades 4-9. As usual with Carus publications, there is no advertising other than information on how to purchase subscriptions to other Carus mags.

    Odyssey boasts of an impressive list of scholars on it's advisory panel. Professors from Case Western, Harvard, Williams, and other well known institutions serve on the board.

    A recent issue all about milk was well balanced and presented very divergent viewpoints. Regular feature, "Science Scoops" detailed...

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    Better than expected

    I got a subscription to this mag for my son last Christmas. It was, as much as online purchasing can be, a complete "point of purchase" sale. I had no intention of getting it, knew nothing about it, and just wanted some science stuff for him.

    It was THE hit of his Christmas stuff. Not so much on day one, when he got the gift card, but EVERY TIME IT ARRIVED IN THE MAIL, it was read cover to cover, and then discussed for the next several weeks. He once called me from school, asking me to bring in dark chocolate to him. I asked why he was calling me from school for candy, and he said because he had read in Odyssey that choc. stimulated the brain,...

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