Reviews For Nursing Made Incredibly Easy Magazine

The best of any nursing magazine.

I have never subscribed to any nursing magazines before. I always felt that they weren't very practical for my job in the ER as a RN. Well, this is the best nursing magazine that I have ever read. The articles are very informative and well written, hence the name of the magazine. I have gained valuable knowledge reading the articles. Any new and experienced nurse should read and subscribe to this magazine.

Get information fast and easy

Easy to access information -- isn't that what most bedside nurses need most? NMIE offers tables, pictures, and other methods to easily access the information you need. It is not a research journal, and doesn't pretend to be. NMIE is for clinical nurses who need information fast and easy, and want to be shown how to put new information into clinical use immediately.

I recommend this journal to anyone who wants to stay up-to-date quickly and easily. It's a very helpful addition to every nurse's library.

Vast wealth of Knowledge Simplified Monthly

Simplified versions of complicated medical information! I love this magazine!It is Nursing Made Incredibly easy! Wonderful Gift for a Nursing Student, New Nurse Grad., or a Nurse who loves a review of "nursing school information." Provides wonderful examples, and illustrations! This is a must for any nurse! The book series is wonderful also!
Director of Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics

A Great Teaching Aid

This journal/magazine presents evidence-based information in a format that makes learning accessible and much easier, especially for nurses who don't have a lot of extra time. It uses creative illustrations and cartoons in the sidebars to illustrate key points. You can learn even by just browsing through the tables and illustrations.
My very first issue was quickly snipped into pieces for both staff and patient education materials. I used some of the illustrations and tables on our bulletin boards in the hospital hallway (appropriately referenced, of course). Nurses constantly commented on how they loved the illustrations and summary tables, how they really clarified some of the pathophysiology for them. Then, imagine how surprised I was to see the bulletin board a week later with BLANK SPACES glaring at me!! People, most likely patients, had actually stolen things off of the bulletin board! Looks like they finally found some information that made their disease easy to understand!

Good for students and new nurses

I've never been a fan of the "Made Incredibly Easy" series, but I decided to give this magazine a chance about a year ago. It is very informative and makes difficult concepts "incredibly easy" to understand. As one reviewer stated, this is NOT a scholarly publication and I really feel that it is most appropriate for nursing students or new nurses.

Good magazine for nursing students

I am almost finished with the LPN program and I found this magazine very useful and helpful. Its another tool to learn more about diseases, nursing, and helps make classroom information more familiar.

The only downside is that it does take an extremly long time for the magazine to come (more than the 6-8wks of other magazines I have ordered) and they do send alot of past issues and then send a renew notice.

It is an attractive magazine, the pictures and illustrations are helpful and interesting to look at. So I would reccomend it to anyone in school :)