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Numismatic News

I've been a collector and dealer before retiring. I have always been confident about info in N.N. Articles are well written and timely.Even though i'm no longer a dealer,i like to keep updated on the market.

Quality coin news on a weekly basis

If you want quality coin news on a weekly basis, this newspaper is for you. Instead of having old news once a month, this rag comes to you 4 times a month with CURRENT news, not month old news. Actually, some of the news in the monthly mags comes to you 2-3 months old because of their fancy printing on glossy paper. If you want to be up-to-date on coins, get this paper.

My number 1 educational tool!

I love Numismatic News! Such a great source on the hobby. Theres no such thing as an out dated copy. If you read a paper several months old it's still relevant to the hobby.

It doesn't matter if your new or old to the hobby it's a must read!

numismatc news excellent

A great rag as it is more lighthearted than the stuffed shirts in the other coin publications though filled with very usefull information. A great read. I just re-upped for the second year.

Numismatic News

It is a great magazine.I get a lot of up to date information out of it and I love the letters to the editor.


Very pleased with Numismatic News and a subscriber for over 2 years. Very informative for a collector, has good stories and keeps you abreast of the coin world.

This magazine comes out once a week...

This magazine comes out once a week so you will stay up-to-date with the hobby. One of the features of this magazine is the monthly price guide. This is a supplement to the actually magazine you get. In the price guide, tons of US coin prices are listed. This price guide is a retail price guide, not wholesale.
Another one of my favorite things about the magazine is the weekly mintage page. On this page all the mintages for what the mint has made in 2005 are listed. Wondering how many silver proof sets were made? What about the Kansas state quarter? You can find the answer of all of these in the magazine.
Now to the articles. I personally find them okay. They are not bad and some are very interesting, but I would not say that they are outstanding. They do cover a diverse array of topics. A plus about the articles is they will keep you up-to-date. Was there a major auction or a large show? A record price or a major rarity discovered? You will find out when you read it.
The last thing I have to say is about the classified ads. If you are a Numismatic News subscriber, you get a free 25-word classified ad with each issue. This means you could post an ad for buying coins, trading coins, or selling coins. This is a cool little feature of the magazine.
Altogether this is an excellent weekly coin magazine. Compared to the other weekly coin magazine, Coin World, I would recommend the following. If you like the article more and do not care about the classified ads, go with Coin World. If you like the classified ads and do not care as much about the articles, go with Numismatic News. You cannot go wrong with either of the weekly publications. However, it is up to you to decide which one to subscribe to or...both?

Great Service.

This is a very informative magazine that I can send to my nephew who collects coins and valuable currency.

Geared to the collector/investor so lots of great data!

I subscribe to this because I like the fact that it has all of the up to date info on US mint programs, machinations, mintage reports and auction gossip with results, etc. It also has a very active classifieds section and super coin dealer ads. In addition there is the obligatory spec piece on overlooked and undervalued coins/coin segments, etc. which probably don't amount to a hill of beans actually but always get one to thinking about the particular coin/coin segment highlighted in the particular article. An oddly compelling part of the magazine is the letters section where very opinionated people tend to bash each other over the course of two or three issues. It is a lively and engaging part of the magazine-newsweekly that would be sorely missed if it were ever cut out. Also there is often a guest opinion or two from some of the coin world's heavy weights and/or notables. Every other issue or so there is an insert that lists either upcoming auctions and coin shows, or a table of inflated coin values (per all coin magazine tradition). On price alone, I highly recommend this but also if you like the cult/star trek aspect of coin collecting this is certainly a must-subscribe to periodical.