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New York Spaces

Offering an exclusive look behind the doors of the best designed and decorated homes in the New York metro area, each issue of New York Home ventures to chic city lofts, elegant uptown spaces, sensational suburban homes, coastal treasures, and unique vacation retreats. The pages of New York Home have something for everyone whether your style is modern or traditional, or a bit of both offering decorating inspiration, product details, shopping sources, and inside information from those on the cutting edge of interior design and architecture in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
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  1. an excellent publication (four and one-half stars)
    New York Spaces may be a somewhat pricey magazine; but it's got quite a bit to it. The most recent issue features diverse articles that range from how to remodel a townhouse built in the 1850s to homes in "hip" Hoboken, New Jersey and even homes that are located in "the center of the art world." There are briefer articles pointing out new homes in Long Island City, New York, too. Although you might initially mistake this publication for being somewhat pretentious, New York Spaces is a very good home decorating magazine.

    The articles are both timely and well written so that people can understand what on Earth the authors are talking about; and...

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