Reviews For New Moon Girls Magazine

New Moon is the BEST Girls' magazine around

I first came across this magazine years ago when it was a fledgling publication. I was so impressed that I filed it in my memory banks and years later, when my daughter was about 6, I bought her a subscription. She's thirteen and still loves it. This magazine is ad-free and is written by girls, for girls. They promote open-minded exploration of ideas and values. And they explore all sorts of topics girls are interested in, everything from friendships to menstruation to zits to human rights to natural resources -- all without ads or stupid stereotypes. I highly recommend this magazine and often give it as a gift! My only regret: they don't publish a similar magazine for boys! Most boys mags are just trendy trash.

Great Magazine for tween girls

I love this magazine for my tween girl!! It's got the kind of wholesome content that American Girl magazine has but without the ever-present push to buy products. It has excellent thought provoking stories, great for parents trying to raise a girl in today's materialistic, big-on-bling, low-on-substance world! An excellent alternative to most of the "teen magazines" that many tweens end up looking at. I think my 11 year old daughter has much better things to do with her time & mind than to lay around swooning over clothes, makeup & boys from tv shows.

Great magazine for young girls

I have been subscribing my niece to this magazine for years. I first bought her a subscription when she was around 8. Since then, I've offered her the choice of any magazine as a birthday gift and she continues to choose this one year after year. Even her mom asks for it, as she says she enjoys reading it with her daughter.

I like the lack of advertising, the forthright way in which it explores issues of concern to the target audience, and the projection of a positive self-image for all girls. This is a magazine I'll get for my own daughter when she's old enough.

A Winner with our Granddaughter

About three years ago we subscribed to this for our granddaughter, than aged 10. It lived up to the promise of a serious magazine that wasn't consumer product or pop culture driven. It has been a big it with her, she is active on the magazine's web site. We are subscribing for the third year.

great short stories

My 8 year old daughter just started getting this magazine. She really enjoys reading so the multiple short stories in the magazine are perfect for her.

Better for older girls

The stated age range for this magazine is 8 and up. I have not subscribed to the magazine, but I looked through the free sample copy on the publishers website, and I wanted to write to warn parents that it covers some fairly heavy topics. Things that are at least mentioned in passing include: body image issues, eating disorders, teasing, bullying, sexual abuse, forced child marriages, sexism, when to start dating, texting, etc. Most of the issues are handled tastefully, without inappropriate details, and giving room for the complexity of the issues. But depending on your girl and your household, you may not want to introduce these topics yet.

My daughters magazine

It's ok, she got her first magazine and she was not impressed but I'm hopping she grows into it I subscribed so she could build up her reading skills. I did expected it to have a few games or crossword puzzels, something more inviting to her eye.