Reviews For New Jersey Life Magazine

A nice picture of the Garden State

I was given a free trial of this magazine about a year ago, and figured it was worth the price to try it. Magazines about New Jersey usually spend too much time dwelling on the areas outside of the state that seem to geographically define it - New York City, Philadephia, and "The Shore" - and not enough on the people, places and things in our state.

I liked this magazine enough to pay for it when my trial ran out. Every issue has beautiful photographic tributes to residents of the state, homes in the state, and businesses that are unique and interesting. I find myself using the events listed in it, organized by interests, at least several times an issue - and it is nice to browse and learn about places in our state that I may never have heard about or considered as destinations for a Sunday drive with or without the kids. Last spring, I used an issue about gardens in the state for ideas for planting my own flower garden, knowing that the breathtaking views in the palatial grounds supported plants that would thrive in my much less than palatial back yard because the climate was the same as mine.

There are some magazines that you read once and never look at again. Not this. The pile of back issues sits in a basket in my living room, well thumbed by me and other members of the family. Living in an era where New Jersey has been depicted as the home of the Sopranos and little else, it's good to see our state get the respect for the natural beauty and wonderful people it contains, once you get past the Badda-Bing.