Reviews For Natural Health Magazine

This is a bathroom reader,for sure

Ever time my Natural Health magazine comes in, I take it to my bathroom and spend several "visits" with it. It is by far, one of the most informative magazines I have ever read.
Last year, while seeking counsel for pancreatitis, I sat in my homeopathic physicians office and read my first edition. I was astounded at the readability of this publication and felt convinced by the level of research documented in the articles.
This is certainly a way for us all to consider. In reading the doctor's issue, I found an article on aspertame and how harmful it is. Three hours later, I left my doc's office after being told that the cause of my pancreatitis that three other specialists could not find, had, at its source, aspertame. I was not immmediately convinced. However, the more I stayed away from it, the better I got and the less pain I felt from a condition that hospitalized me for 6 days and almost killed me.
Natural Health is wide open, it is not absolute in its approach to anything. There is a great opportunity for cross talk by readers who submit and answer their own questions by exchanging info and findings from conditions and symptoms.
The are articles about food, exercise, diet, health and other items about alternative approaches to health problems.
This magazine has a kind and gentle approach that brings you to a given response, without forcing the issue. I like the writing styles, the illustrations and even the unusual ads. This is a magazine that is great for a long trip - because you will read it from cover to cover.


Simply the best

For anyone interested in improving their health and well-being, you'd be hard pressed to find a better magazine than Natural Health.

Published every other month, the magazine offers a cornucopia of information on nutrition, herbal remedies, alternative medicine and any other topic relevant to an individual's health.

The articles are always concise and professionally written. Silly hypes like, "awesome abs in 10 minutes" will never be seen. Instead, soon to be retiring editor Bill Thompson strives for a higher ground and achieves it in every issue. Even a long-time natural liver like myself learns a ton of valuable stuff with every issue. Since there are only 6 issues a year, topics are rarely duplicated and you'll never rush through one issue because the new one is already in the mailbox.

Aesthetically, the magazine flows quite well and the photographs complement the theme perfectly. To say it is a relaxing and educational read would be an understatement.

Regardless of your position or goals in life, Natural Health can be an excellent resource in helping you reach your peak performance. If I had 3 magazines to take on a deserted island, Natural Health would easily make the list. I'll leave the other 2 up to your imagination.

Do yourself and your body a favor. Grab an issue of Natural Health, kick up your feet and enjoy the many benefits.


Tons of Easy to Understand Information

Natural Health is a goldmine of information. It is packed full of information. Each issue covers many different herbs, comprehensively.

The information that is included in Natural Health is easy to understand for the new-comers to Alternative Medicine, but informative enough for professionals in the field of Natural Medicine.

Natural Health has given sound advice that I have used myself and recommended to others. I do not feel apprehensive in sharing any information that I find in Natural Health's articles. I have never found them to be inaccurate.

Overall Natural Health is an excellent reference for any individual interested in Natural Health, but could use fewer advertisements.


Excellent reading

I have been a subscriber to Natural Health for two years. I love it and look forward to each issue and savor it cover to cover.

Natural Health offers really informative articles about a wide range of natural health topics. They are not afraid to take on controversial ideas, people, or opinions and to offer plenty of space for opposing views.

Anyone interested in health, fitness, spirituality, cooking, as well as human interest type stories will enjoy Natural Health.


Cutting Edge

As a health care professional, I am very interested in health promotion and combining alternative with conventional medical therapies. For the past 5 years, I have subscribed to Natural Health and have incorporated many of the innovative approaches to wellness into my patient care and personal health. In every case, I have found the advice and information provided to be invaluable .
I have subscribed to New Age and American Health for a short while and found that New Age was way too extreme and American Health reminded me of supermarket checkout mags.
I look forward to each new issue with enthusiasm. Being a subscriber to Natural Health has made me a much healthier individual as well as a positive influence on my patients.


Pertinent, interesting alternative information

I am always looking for new information concerning health. Natural Health provides me with up to date data presented in an interesting and readable way. It is really down to earth and practical with articles of timely interest.

I appreciate that this magazine is geared for both men and women. Some articles are gender specific and most others are for women and men.

I like that the articles aren't laden with costly supplements to buy to make the reader healthy. Rather, emphasis is placed on healing the whole person through exercise, meditation, nutrition, supplements, etc.

I look forward to reading this magazine cover to cover each month. I save and file past issues as well, as they are chock full of great information to use myself and pass along to friends and family.

The one thing I would change about Natural Health is to take out the promotion of meat and dairy as healthy additions to the diet. So much current research indicates that these sources of energy are not the healthiest way to fuel our bodies. I think Natural Health includes these in order to appeal to a broader base of people, but really just ends up perpetuating myths the magazine states it is trying to debunk.


Natural Health

Natural Health is the magazine I choose to subscribe to because I'm always interested in learning a more natural way I can improve my family or my health. They have some very interesting articles and I have learned that there are safe and alternative ways to look at health situations, other than just take a pill or whatever some conventional doctors prescribe. I have also learned of ways to do things that coincide with what conventional methods doctors prescribe to enhance or help what we are used to doing. I would highly recommend this magazine to any one with an open mind, who would like to look at a more natural approach to wellness.


Very Basic Info-Lacks Depth

This magazine contains basic and simplistic info on nutrition you're seen elsewhere. Unless you're a beginner who has little knowledge and wants info at a very basic level-go elsewhere. It lacks any real depth. It also has a very inordinate amount of advertisements that makes up the majority of pages.