Reviews For Minnesota Monthly Magazine

Minnesota Life

"Minnesota Monthly" is a very good magazine that focuses, obviously, on life in Minnesota. It has consistently well written and interesting articles on all different facets of Minnesota living, and every issue is worth reading. I am fond of the focus on recreational Minnesota; as an example in the August, 2005 issue there is an issue on Bed and Breakfasts in Minnesota (it has been an annual feature for fourteen years now). The article doesn't just stick close to the Twin Cities, either; it roams the entire state looking for excellent B&Bs. That is the type of feature that makes the magazine worthwhile: it gives readers great ideas of things to do and places to go that can quickly generate enthusiasm for new adventure.

I gave the magazine four stars overall, but I still recommend it highly to any resident of Minnesota. The reason for the one star deduction was simply that occasionally a few of the articles feel monotonous and repetitive on a month-to-month basis, though not overwhelmingly so. The magazine is a bargain, and has paid for itself many times over in ideas it has given me.