Reviews For Military Heritage Magazine

High Quality Magazine

One the best military history magazines on the market. Always well written with articles from diverse and well balanced historical periods. Highly recommended.

Some People "Read" Playboy, I Read This....

I like this magazine a lot. I also get Military history and World War 2 magazine and this is my favorite of the three. The best thing about military history magazines in general is getting a new issue in and learning about something you had no idea happened. An example would be England ruling Argentina and the Philippines, did you know that had happened? I sure didn't. Also you will read, like in this issue I have here, about a battle contingency England had to invade the Washington territory in 1861 at the start of the Civil War; it's stuff like this that keeps me very interested in reading this magazine more so than the World War 2 stuff that I've probably over read (although it's in here also). Great glossy paper and pictures also makes it stand out from my other subscriptions, highly recommended.

Must have for Military History Affectionatoes

Military Heritage appears to me to be a more scholarly magazine than Military History of which I also am a subscriber. This magazine will appeal to the Historian as well a the lay reader. I find the book reviews most incisive and helpful.

Excellent, classy, informative

There are precious few magazines out there for the military historian with the appeal that this one has. The illustrations are stunning and complement the well-written and informative text month after month. One of my favorite magazines and a must-have for the military historian.

Well thought out

Military Heritage is a well thought out (laid out) professionally written magazine. It covers a broad range of topics that provides all serious students of military history a flavor of all periods of military history. As such I highly recommend this magazine not only for its content but also for the art. I would also recommend teachers to consider using various articles for their classroom work. History text books can often be very dry, however these articles are short enough to convey enough information to the reader to get a feel of the period.

Military History chronicles in short

History buffs will appreciate the detailed depictions of battle this magazine showcases. The stories are rich in historical facts and illustrations. The only improvement could be the mapping accompanying each story, as it tends to lack the same quality as the writing.

War is Glossy

For those who just cannot get enough of war and are tired of Hollyweird's sugery version this is the ticket. The whole un-retouched truth with great pictures and plenty of details. It's as close as you can get without mud and battle fatigue.