Reviews For Los Angeles Magazine

A Fantastic Way to Know Los Angeles

Los Angeles Magazine has a variety of information for everyone. Some of the stores, fashions, etc... might run on the high end price-wise (especially the paid advertisements). But the magazine always offers a great overview of what is going on in Los Angeles. Covering News, Politics, Celebrities, Fashion, Food and Fun things to do. The best issue is the Annual Restaurant issue - this is not to be missed. Restaurants in every price range are listed. Besides the "Dining Out" monthly section, there is "The Top Ten" - plays, music, museums and more to do that month. This magazine is a great way to get to know Los Angeles.

Perfect to explore LA

If you live in the LA area this magazine is a must as there is much more to discover.

I enjoy it very much

I love having this come to my home. I used to read it only in doctor's offices and want to tear out pages of information. Hey, if you live in Los Angeles. It is great to have this subscription. The restaurant breakdowns and reviews alone are worth it. Plus you can always find out about new things to do and see. It's classy and adult.

Great Magazine for Those Who Love LA

This magazine is helpful and informative to those who live in Los Angeles or even those traveling to it. There is much useful information and they even spend time interviewing people, etc. More than worth the cost for a year!

love the great info it gives!

I moved to los angeles about 3 years ago and its just great to have a magazine that unveils some cool places to check out in the city. los angeles is such a big city and i know i can go online to search for places to go but how great is it to have it in one magazine. i'm excited to check out places. i got turned into this magazine from a colleague and so far think its informative and great!

worth it

I used to just read this magazine in my dentists office. I find it very helpful. Makes planning weekends a breeze.

Overall it's pretty good, but there's a lot of repetition :-l

Being that LA is my favourite city anywhere, I used to always buy this at my local Borders (until they decided to no longer keep this and keep instead a thousand magazines on stitchcraft or fishing etc). Now I always look forward to picking up a couple of copies when in America. However, I find that between trips, it's only the articles that change. They still review and list the same restuarants and don't change them up as much as they probably could/should.
I do love the articles about various people around town or the things going on in the city, but there is too much of the same material in various editions. I don't want to keep reading the same restaurant listings and the same advertising at the back of the magazine all the time. I agree with another reviewer that this isn't as good as the New Yorker.

So much potential

If only LA had a magazine as polished and informative as The New Yorker. It's not like there isn't an audience for it -- more New Yorker subscribers live in California than in New York. It's true!

I sympathize with the writers on Los Angeles Magazine because it's actually harder to compete as a serious, quality up-to-date magazine like the New Yorker when you're a monthly mag instead of a weekly.

There used to be a monthly called "Buzz" that was better, but it folded. LA Magazine sort of absorbed it, and you can see a relic of that in their "Buzzcuts"column. I wish they'd incorporated more of the old "Buzz."

That being said, LA Magazine gets it right about every other issue. And their annual "Best Of LA" always has good ideas. If they could just incorporate more elements of an LA Weekly into their pages...

99% advertising

These magazine really is just a bunch of advertising. You might as well just pick up a South Coast brochure rather than pay for this. I subscribed for just five bucks a year, and I still feel ripped off!!

There is really just one semi-interesting restaurant related article per issue, but I can just go to yelp instead for free advice.

LA Weekly is better (and free)