Reviews For Looney Tunes Magazine

It's cool

I love Looney Tunes. It's very funny and I love the characters especially Daffy Duck. I bought this comic for Christmas and I love it. Unless you are 10 years old, you'll have to buy it. Awesome!

awsome possome

pretty good. pretty funny. violent .

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It's okay.

You'll get the odd funny story in this comic-book but mostly you'll find yourself yawning and skipping the pages. More than half of them don't even have dialogue to them and reading loads of Bugs Bunny dialogue bubbles just doesn't have the same effect as watching the cartoons.

Obviously the Daffy stories are always the best but as a comic-book the Looney Tunes just don't cut it. Unless you're under 5 years old, I would consider skipping this unless you pick up a bunch of old copies for 25 cents.