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The magazine for car guys with a brain (and greasy fingernails)

Finally, a car magazine with intelligence and an interesting slant.

A magazine for people that enjoy working on, playing with and racing cars, especially sports cars, but that is truly "non-denominational". You'll see Mustangs, Corvettes, Hondas, Porsches, BMWs, even the occasional Yugo, Fiat or even Lotus. Even if you don't have an open automotive mind, you'll find out cool things about cars you never knew existed.

I've been reading GRM since before I could drive (and it was called "AutoX") and I've loved every issue. Keep it up, guys!

best car magazine ever

this truly is the best car magazine i have ever encountered. they are not into the latest "bling bling" or expensive widget.. they are about what works to make the car better.

My absolute favorite car magazine

GRM features everything that is important to me as a car enthusiast. They cover all kinds of motorsports: Autocross, rally, road racing, occasional drag racing and drifting articles, etc.
Their project car series are very informative and I can always learn something for one of my projects.
There's no bias or brand obligations here. It's not a "Ford magazine" or a "Chevy magazine" or a "Porsche magazine" or a "Honda magazine". These guys are just like me: they love cars.
I look forward to a new issue in my mailbox every time. This really is my favorite magazine.

Best American Car Magazine

If you're a car nut, this is your magazine. There is no other like it. Magazines like Car and Driver, Road and Track, and Motor Trend are fine publications, if you're only interested in brand new cars, and love cliché phrases. Sport Compact Car, European Car, and the other tuner magazines are about throwing parts onto cars, the bulk of which serves only to plug their advertisers. Grassroots Motorsports is for people who love cars and driving.

The magazine has covered more ground in the past 5 years that I have been reading it than most of the supposedly mainstream magazines. They built a Triumph Spitfire powered by a Mazda rotary engine. They built a Mustang that can turn and handle as well as go fast in a straight line. They review new cars as well as those that were new long ago, but are still relevant, interesting, and capable of stealing the lunch of newer and "better" cars. There is also excellent coverage of amateur and professional motorsports in each issue that simply is not found anywhere else.

If you want a car magazine that covers everything, but does so with an unequalled depth, this magazine is for you.

Great for newcomers to motorsports

I look forward to every issue of GRM. Each issue contains information such as tuning tips, tire comparisions, etc to build and race your own car.

A must for every amateur racer.

One of the best car magazines out there.

Grassroots Motorsports could very well be the best automotive magazine out there at the moment. If you are a car enthusiast who truly appreciates cars for their performance and you love competition...then look no further this is your magazine.

Lots of technical articles, lots of real product reviews, and great editorials.