Reviews For Kitplanes Magazine

Kitplanes priodical subscription

The first copy is not due or arrived as of yet. I have purchased Kitplanes on a number of occasions and have enjoyed it. I am considering building an experimental airplane from a kit in the near future so this magazine is the most appropriate while I'm deciding what kit to purchase.

Build Your Dream Aircraft with Kitplanes

Kitplanes is a different kind of magazine and one that will only appeal to a limited audience. This magazine is intended for those who love airplanes and whose interest in airplanes reaches a level that goes beyond simply flying. Kitplanes takes aviation to a different level for a magazine by focusing on actually building aircraft. Kitplanes is more than just a mechanical read- it is also a creative read that explores the different ways that small aircraft can be built, the different designs, and the different styles and capabilities.

Most of the pages in Kitplanes are dedicated to design and construction. From the initial mental blueprint to the proper hardware, Kitplanes wants to help the enthusiastic hobbyist construct the dream machine. Some of the articles in Kitplanes are educational in nature, focusing on the specifics of aerodynamics, the pros and cons of using different types of metals, etc. The magazine even includes some success stories from builders who have completed their aircraft construction and want to share their results with the reader.

Mechanics are important, but in the day and age in which we live, technology is more important than ever and Kitplanes is right there to help. Small aircraft isn't as sophisticated as commercial aircraft, but the aircraft building hobbyist still wants to be as safe as possible, and Kitplanes offers plenty of tips on instrument panels, safety systems, and other things high tech in nature.

One other interesting aspect of Kitplanes is that it's a very consistent magazine. Each issue I have read contains exactly 80 pages and the departments and most of the regular features are found on exactly the same page number each month. For those who like consistency and repetition, this is a nice feature for a magazine. But this will not sit well with people who like a little variety from time to time. I am one of the types who like some variety in my magazines, so the consistency is a strike against the magazine, even if only a small strike.

Kitplanes is, overall, a pretty good magazine about a very expensive hobby. I find the articles pretty good, even though some are certainly better than others. Some are a little too brief and assume the builder needs guidance from start to finish but Kitplanes is still a useful magazine for those who dream about constructing their own airplane. It does have a few shortfalls, but for the flying enthusiast who dreams of constructing his/her own aircraft, Kitplanes is a magazine worth reading.